Everyone has different reasons for hiring a professional house cleaner to banish the cobwebs and sweep away the dirt. Despite the various reasons, people often need help determining what cleaning needs they have and how they can communicate those needs to potential companies.

An open line of communication with your cleaning service will provide the best results.

What Do You Want Cleaned?

You have decided that you could use some help managing the cleanliness of your home. Whether you have a busy schedule, too much house to manage, or you can’t clean as well as you used to, determining what you need and want cleaned is the first thing you should do when thinking about hiring a cleaning service.

First, grab a clipboard, paper, and pen, and take a walk through your home. Divide your house into areas (master bedroom, hall bathroom, kitchen, dining room, study, etc.), and in each area, list what needs to be cleaned and what tasks should be done.

For example, in your bedroom you might want to have the sheets changed, the bed made, the surfaces dusted, and the floor vacuumed. After you have a complete list of everything that needs to be done, decide which tasks you would like to do and which ones you would prefer to have a professional do.

To help you out, we have listed some common and specialized cleaning services performed by cleaning professionals:

Common cleaning services:

  • Dust
  • Polish furniture
  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Remove trash
  • Make beds
  • Change linens
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean baseboards
  • Polish fixtures

Specialized cleaning services:

  • Clean oven
  • Clean inside of refrigerator
  • Clean patio
  • Fold laundry
  • Clean windows
  • Clean carpets
  • Pressure wash
  • Clean ducts
  • Deep cleaning
  • Allergen-free cleaning

Frequency of Professional House Cleaning

Professional cleaning services provide several different scheduling options to homeowners: one-time, weekly, biweekly, and monthly. One-time cleanings are usually done for special occasions or when a homeowner moves in or out of a home.

Weekly and biweekly cleanings are typically for busy homes that need regular maintenance, while monthly cleanings are usually reserved for homeowners who clean their homes regularly but want a deeper cleaning monthly.

If you prefer a schedule different from the ones listed above, be sure to inquire about custom scheduling from the cleaning services you interview.

What's Your Budget?

When deciding on what you would like cleaned and how often you would like it cleaned, it’s important to keep price in mind. Before talking to potential companies, decide what you would like to spend on professional house cleaning.

What can you afford? What are you willing to pay for the service? The price of your service will depend on its frequency—typically, weekly and biweekly cleanings cost less per visit than one-time or monthly cleanings—as well as the types of services and any additional or specialized services you may want.

Communicating With Potential Companies

Once you have thoroughly identified your home cleaning needs, you will be able to communicate those needs to potential cleaning companies better. Find out what regular services they offer, and then compare that with the list of services you wrote down.

Decide what specialty services, if any, you would like done and how often—you may want your home cleaned weekly and your windows cleaned monthly. Some companies may not perform all the tasks you would like done, so ask about everything on your list that’s not mentioned in their regular services.

Also, discuss standards of cleanliness with the companies you are considering. How do they determine an area is cleaned? Do they have a white glove test, or do they perform a visual inspection? Asking these types of questions will let you know what to expect when the company cleans your home.

Hiring a professional cleaning service doesn’t have to be a difficult task. When you know what you want in advance, you can confidently discuss your needs with potential companies.

Once you hire a cleaning service, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your newfound free time.

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