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Are you feeling overwhelmed by minor repairs or home improvement tasks? Are you looking for reliable handyman services to get the job done right? Hire with confidence thanks to the research experts at Best Pick Reports. 

Our team uses real customer reviews to find the most reliable and trustworthy handyman service companies in your area. 

For added protection, we check that each contractor has the necessary licenses and insurance to keep you safe and get the job done right.  

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Three Reasons to Hire Through Best Pick Reports

  • Verified Excellence: Our comprehensive screening process simplifies your search for a reputable handyman. We start with real customer reviews, then confirm that they have all state-required licenses and insurance. 
  • Annual Evaluations: We are committed to offering dependable recommendations, so we reverify each handyman every year. This includes reviewing the latest customer feedback and checking that their license and insurance are up to date. 
  • Best Pick Guarantee: We stand behind our contractors. If you are not happy with their handyman services, we will work closely with you to resolve the issue. We may even reimburse you up to $2,500. 

Common Handyman Services

  • Home Repairs: From fixing leaky faucets to patching drywall, they handle most home improvement and maintenance tasks. 
  • Painting and Drywall: Need a fresh coat of paint or have some drywall that needs repairs? Our certified handyman pros have you covered. 
  • Furniture Assembly: Are confusing instructions stressing you out? Let them assemble your furniture, so you can enjoy your new pieces hassle-free. 
  • Electrical and Plumbing: Whether it's installing a new light fixture or fixing a leaky pipe, our handyman professionals can take care of a wide range of electrical and plumbing tasks. 
  • General Maintenance: From routine maintenance to seasonal upkeep, they offer a variety of maintenance services to keep your home in excellent condition year-round. 

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FAQs and Tips About Handyman Services 


A handyman has the knowledge and experience to take on almost any house-related project. Many handyman contractors offer phone estimates and can get to work right away. Since they have such broad experience, they can usually tackle several smaller jobs in a single visit. 


Before reaching out to a handyman, it’s a good idea to outline the details of your project. Consider what you want done and how soon you need the project started and completed. This information will help the handyman company give you an accurate price quote and time estimate. Try to choose a company that has significant experience with the type of work you need. The company should also carry any state-required insurance. Take into account how long the company has been around, too. If you run into problems after the job is done, you’ll want a company that will be there to help. 

Hiring a handyman via an established company has lots of other advantages. Handyman companies have a pool of experts to pull from for each job. This means that your job will be handled by the right person or team. In fact, many handymen have a decade or more of experience in a trade. Some of them may even hold important state licenses. Most handyman companies offer a workmanship guarantee or warranty. That reassurance is nice to have for any type of home improvement project. Handyman companies often have great customer service. Employees will likely wear shoe covers and clean up thoroughly at the end of a job. These practices ensure that every customer is satisfied with their entire experience. 

Handyman companies typically offer services in a couple of different formats. If you need a specific job done, you can hire a handyman for that project. You’ll be charged at an hourly rate or at a per-project flat rate. If you have several smaller projects that need to be taken care of, ask if the company offers half-day and full-day service packages. When you purchase a half day of service, a handyman completes as many tasks as possible in about four hours. A full-day package is usually about eight hours of home improvement service. 

For the most efficient service and the best use of your handyman’s time, buy any materials you want him to use. Do this before the scheduled appointment so he can get straight to work. Advance preparation ensures that your handyman can make the most of his time at your house. Many handyman companies can pick up the necessary materials for you, too. There will be an additional fee for that service. Professional handymen arrive at jobs with their own tools and equipment. You won’t be expected to provide access to your tool collection or buy specialty equipment that you might not use again. 


Plumbing and electrical. Some handyman companies offer light plumbing and electrical work. This typically includes tasks like installing or repairing faucets and hanging light fixtures. It’s important to know that your handyman needs to be properly licensed to do this work. If you need more complex work, like whole-house repiping or breaker box repair, contact a licensed master plumber or master electrician. If your handyman company offers light plumbing and electrical services, ask for their license number. Verify the license with the appropriate organization. 

Painting. Need a few spots touched up? Or are you redecorating and need several rooms repainted? Handymen are a good option for just about any painting job. To avoid extra fees, have on hand the paint (and primer, if needed) that you want the handyman to use. Your handyman should have his own brushes and other supplies. 

Carpentry. Handymen can handle a variety of carpentry projects. Wood window and door frames, for example, can rot, warp, and decay over time. These issues need to be repaired promptly to prevent energy loss and bug infestations. A handyman can do this wood rot repair work. He’ll also be able to tackle other carpentry projects, like installing crown molding, shelving, and cabinets. 

Accessibility modifications. Accessibility and aging-in-place modifications can be really important. These types of updates need to be done correctly, and a handyman can accomplish that goal. 

Babyproofing. Babyproofing an entire house is overwhelming, especially for already sleep-deprived parents. A handyman can install everything from childproof cabinet locks and stair gates to furniture brackets. 

Furniture assembly. Assembling furniture, grills, and outdoor equipment is often easier said than done. A handyman will ensure that your new purchase is put together safely and correctly. 

Real estate updates. When you decide to sell your house, your real estate agent may suggest a few updates to spruce things up. These updates will make your house more competitive in the real estate market. The list often includes small cosmetic tasks that simply aren’t a day-to-day concern. A worn section of door trim probably doesn’t even register with you anymore, but little things like that make a difference to a potential buyer. A professional handyman will be able to tackle almost every item on your list. The end result with be a refreshed interior and outstanding curb appeal. 

Odd jobs. Small home projects aren’t necessarily challenging or complex. They do, however, sometimes involve specialized tools along with some know-how. An experienced handyman can do everything from mending a porch screen, rehanging a door, or even recaulking a bathtub. 


Handymen can take on most household projects, but they might have a few limitations. For example, they may not be certified gas fitters, licensed electricians, or heat pump experts. If you hire a handyman to take on a larger job, make sure that the company is correctly licensed. Also verify that the employees are trained or certified in their respective fields. Hiring a specialist might mean that only one job gets done at a time. But when it comes to big or complex projects, it’s worth ensuring that the work is done well (and legally). 

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