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Benefits of Choosing a Best Pick Bathroom Remodeling Service 

  • Verified Excellence: Hire with confidence, knowing that our recommended bathroom remodeling specialists offer exceptional service and hold all the required licenses and insurance as mandated by the state. 
  • Annual Evaluations: We conduct comprehensive evaluations of each bathroom remodeling service each year. This rigorous process ensures that they consistently deliver outstanding customer service and maintain their licenses and insurance. 
  • Best Pick Guarantee: Our satisfaction guarantee gives you peace of mind. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the bathroom remodeling service, we will help make it right out or we will pay you up to $2,500. 

Expert Bathroom Remodeling Services 

Whether you are looking to update your bathroom, revamp the shower or bathtub, install new fixtures, or create a complete bathroom transformation, a Certified Best Pick bathroom remodeling specialist is ready to turn your vision into reality. 

Common bathroom renovations include: 

  • Bathtub or Shower Replacement 
  • Bath Liner or Fitter Installation 
  • Vanity Replacement and Installation 
  • Countertop and Backsplash Upgrades 
  • Tub-to-Shower Conversion 
  • Cosmetic Upgrades 
  • Aging-in-Place Bath Remodeling  

Choose a local professional now to create a stunning, functional, and personalized bathroom space that fits your style and budget. You can trust Best Pick Reports to connect you with qualified and top-rated professionals. Start your bathroom remodeling journey today. 

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FAQs and Tips About Bathroom Remodeling 


Remodeling your bathroom offers you the chance to enhance the look and functionality of the space. For example, if your bathroom has an awkward layout, a remodel is your opportunity to change that. You can update the look of your bathroom and save on your water bill at the same time by switching out old plumbing fixtures. Think carefully about your needs and desires for your remodeled bathroom and be as realistic as possible. For instance, if you frequently use the bathroom for guests, consider using low-maintenance countertop materials that are both beautiful and practical. 


Bathroom renovations are more complex than most home improvement projects due to involving several trades. The specific steps in your project will vary based on the complexity of the remodel. In most cases, the remodeling process includes: 

  • Demolition. Removing old tiles in a bathroom is a significant task, especially in older homes with unique installation methods. The demolition process involves removing the old tiles and any underlying concrete or metal mesh. 
  • Structural carpentry work. After removing old fixtures and tiles, the crew will ensure the walls are even and repair any damaged floor joists if necessary. 
  • Roughing out utilities. This step involves moving or updating plumbing and electrical lines to accommodate the new bathroom layout. If HVAC work is required, it will be done at this stage. 
  • Tile work. Tile is a versatile and easy-to-clean option for bathroom surfaces, making it ideal for both walls and floors. 
  • Installing suitable wall materials. Bathrooms require mildew-resistant materials like waterproof backer board in wet areas, such as shower stalls and tub surrounds. 
  • Painting. Painting is usually one of the last steps in the remodeling process to touch up the walls after demolition and construction.  


Cabinets play a significant role in defining the ambiance of a bathroom. Your cabinet choices will depend on your storage needs and the overall design theme. Bathroom cabinets are typically smaller than kitchen cabinets and are an essential part of the remodeling project. You can choose from various options: 

  • Custom. Custom cabinets are skillfully crafted to fit the specific bathroom space and made from high-quality materials. They offer a unique and premium look. 
  • Stock. Stock cabinets come premade and are readily available at affordable prices. While they have standard shapes and sizes, they are a cost-effective choice. 
  • Semi-custom. Semi-custom cabinets provide an intermediate option, offering some design choices while being budget-friendly. 


Selecting the right countertop material can elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. Here are some popular choices:

  • Granite. Granite countertops come in various grades, thicknesses, colors, and price ranges, combining practicality, durability, and style. 
  • Marble. Smooth and cool to the touch, marble is a popular choice for bathrooms. Sealed marble is a must for kitchens to prevent stains, but in a bathroom, unsealed marble can be suitable. 
  • Ceramic tile. Versatile and resistant to heat, scratches, and stains, ceramic tile is a practical countertop option that comes in numerous designs and colors. 


Bathroom floors should be resilient and moisture-resistant. Two popular choices for bathroom flooring are: 

  • Tile. Ceramic, terra-cotta, and natural stone tiles are commonly used for bathroom floors due to their durability and wide range of design options. 
  • Linoleum. Linoleum is an economical and eco-friendly choice for bathroom flooring, available in various colors and designs. 


Bathroom remodelers often offer supplementary services to provide a comprehensive renovation experience. These may include appliance installation, painting, and light carpentry work. Don't hesitate to inquire about these additional services when planning your bathroom remodel. 

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