Frequently Asked Questions

What is Best Pick Reports?

Best Pick Reports is an annual publication featuring independently researched and recommended local home service providers. The Best Pick Reports team conducts ongoing consumer satisfaction research to evaluate and document the performance of home service providers, such as heating and air conditioning companies, roofers, and painters. By contacting thousands of homeowners who have had direct experience with service providers, we produce unbiased, third-party ratings to help consumers select quality companies in dozens of categories. For more information, please read Our Story.

What is a Best Pick?

A Best Pick company is one that has been deemed to be exceptional with regard to its quality of work and customer service through our independent consumer satisfaction research process. All Best Pick companie must:

  • Maintain an A grade based on reviews collected through our independent research
  • Carry general liability insurance as well as any other types of insurance required by the state
  • Hold proper trade licenses
  • Sign the Best Pick Company Pledge
  • Requalify each year

Why should I rely on Best Pick Reports?

We track and rate thousands of businesses and showcase Best Pick companies in our annual reports, which are posted online and mailed to homes in many metropolitan communities across the nation. Companies cannot buy a good rating; the only way contractors can obtain a good rating is to earn it by having many satisfied customers and good reviews.

How is the publication funded?

Once research is complete, companies that excel in each category have the option of participating in the Best Pick program. Those who choose to participate receive the Best Pick designation and authorize us to include their names in our annual publication. These companies pay a listing fee that allows us to mail the publication at no cost to homeowners. Participation in the Best Pick program is by invitation only and is completely voluntary.

How do you rate companies?

Every year our research team conducts customer satisfaction surveys in order to collect reviews on local home service companies. Based on these reviews, we are able to calculate company grades—only A-rated companies qualify for Best Pick Reports. In order to ensure a rating’s validity, we take into account survey sample size, standard error, and the probability of different outcomes when calculating grades. Our research is ongoing, and every year companies must requalify.

Do you check company credentials?

Yes, we verify that all companies hold general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance when required by the state. We also verify that companies carry proper trade licenses.

Do you rely on other sources for your research?

Absolutely not. Our ratings are based completely on our own research, which is conducted by Best Pick Reports employees in our research center. We never accept company references, letters of recommendation, write-in reviews, or third-party references since these sources are inherently biased and easily cherry-picked.

If I participate in a Best Pick Reports interview, will my name be released?

Comments and opinions may be publicly displayed, but they will not be attributed to you without your permission.

How can I contribute feedback to Best Pick Reports?

If one of our researchers contacts you, we would greatly appreciate any feedback you can share about your experiences.

How can I get a copy of Best Pick Reports? and the Best Pick Mobile App feature the same recommendations that you will find in the print guide, along with additional homeowner reviews. If you would like to request a free print copy, please click here.