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Best Pick Reports is an annual guide featuring independently researched and recommended local home service providers. With Best Pick Reports, you receive free, objective, third-party data that enables you to hire top-quality companies servicing your neighborhood. We strive to create meaningful connections between homeowners and quality professionals.

Best Pick Reports

Since 1997, the Best Pick Reports team has utilized consumer satisfaction research to evaluate and document the performance of home service providers in dozens of service categories, such as Plumbing, Roofing, and Pest Control.


Inclusion in Best Pick Reports is a selective and significant accolade. Only companies that meet strict qualification benchmarks are eligible for Best Pick® status. Companies cannot buy this distinction; instead they must maintain an excellent customer satisfaction rating, be in good standing with the state, and uphold their stellar service and reputation.

The select few who qualify and choose to participate in the program are then showcased in the annual print publication, on bestpickreports.com, and in the Best Pick App. For more information, see our Certification page.

Business Model Built on Quality

Inclusion in Best Pick Reports is by invitation alone, and that invitation is extended only if a company has met our strict qualifying criteria.

In the same way that homeowners benefit from Best Pick Reports, qualifying companies also benefit from the promotion, which creates a win-win environment for premier companies and homeowners who value quality workmanship.

After accepting our invitation, companies pay a fee that covers the cost of qualification surveying and allows us to distribute our publication at no cost to homeowners. Most participating companies pay a fee each time they receive a new customer through Best Pick Reports, though some companies instead pay a percentage of the amount of each completed job created through Best Pick Reports.

The extensive research process behind each annual publication makes Best Pick Reports the most reliable resource for finding reputable home service companies in your area.

Dedicated to Connecting Homeowners with Quality Companies

The initial idea behind Best Pick Reports was simple: go straight to the source—homeowners—and gather invaluable data on company performance in a variety of categories.

What began as a door-to-door review aggregation service is now backed by a robust multi-step vetting process covering over 40 home service categories and spanning major metropolitan areas across the US.


Today, we rely on a combination of customer surveys, Google reviews, proper insurance and licenses, and company financial data to inform our ratings. This process allows us to identify companies exhibiting the best quality of work and customer service.

Though much has changed in the industry since 1997, the Best Pick Reports team continues to demand the best from home service companies and works meticulously to equip homeowners with the information they need to make informed decisions.

How We Are Different

Quality You Can Count On
Features a short list of top local companies and their accurate ratings
Stands behind recommendations with a service guarantee
Customer Satisfaction Research
Rates companies based on customer feedback
Relies on a dedicated team for qualification monitoring
Proactively publishes reviews
Credential Verification
Communicates with insurance agencies to verify coverage annually
Directly confirms trade licenses every year with state authorities
Prints all required trade license numbers for each company


From inception to today, our mission has always been to elevate the home services industry by recognizing the best local providers and sharing these names with homeowners via free, easy to use, and trustworthy resources


Home Reports is founded by Walt Jenkins.
First Home Reports publication launched in Atlanta, Georgia.
The format of the Report is redesigned; the beginning of our flagship navy-and-white look.


Beacon Reports, a sister publication, is launched in Dallas, Texas.


Best Pick Reports, a sister publication, is launched in Chicago, Illinois.
Best Pick Reports replaces Beacon Reports.
Service areas expanded to include Houston, Texas and Northern Virginia.
The Best Pick Reports Home Improvement Blog is launched.
Best Pick Reports expands again; service areas now include Maryland and the DC metro.
The Best Pick App is launched.
The website and publication were redesigned for improved clarity and ease of use.
Best Pick Reports expands further, covering areas in Boston, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Best Pick Reports introduces the Best Pick Guarantee.
Best Pick Reports hits one million homeowner reviews.
Best Pick Reports expands to South Florida.
Best Pick Reports celebrates 20 years in business.
Best Pick Reports is acquired by EverCommerce, a leading service commerce platform comprising a variety of companies focused on improving efficiency and service accessibility for many kinds of businesses, primarily home improvement.
Through the EverCommerce acquisition, Best Pick Reports begins collaborating closely with sister company GuildQuality, an industry leader in customer satisfaction surveying.
Best Pick Reports launches new modernized brand so that the Best Pick Reports logo and badge can better reflect our mission of connecting homeowners with quality home service providers.



Best Pick Reports expands to Seattle, Washington.


Best Pick Reports expands to Austin, Texas.

Best Pick Reports expands to Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; New Jersey; and Baltimore, Maryland.

About EverCommerce

EverCommerce Logo

Our parent company, EverCommerce, is the nation’s leading service commerce platform, supporting the success of B2B technology and service companies as well as the tens of thousands of home improvement businesses they serve across the country

For more information, please visit www.evercommerce.com.

About GuildQuality

Our sister company GuildQuality is the building and home improvement industry leader in third-party customer satisfaction surveying. For each annual Best Pick Reports publication, Best Pick companies have the option to use GuildQuality surveying to conduct consumer satisfaction research. We use the data collected to provide testimonials and objective, third-party ratings.

For more information, please visit www.guildquality.com.