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Top-Rated Fencing Services

Having a fence is a great way to beautify your landscape, provide privacy, and keep your children and pets safe. Fences also have the added benefit of establishing boundaries, concealing noises and unattractive sights, and creating decorative appeal. No matter your needs, local Best Pick fence contractors are trained and knowledgeable about all things fence-related, including the various styles and customization options you can choose from.

Whether you want a fence installation, replacement, or repair, you can count on a Best Pick fence company to do the job well and ensure your fence can weather any storm and function in the way that you need.

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Typical Tasks Handled by Best Pick Fence Contractors

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Gate installation

Types of Fences

Metal fences

Wrought iron, steel, aluminum, and chain-link are common residential metal fencing options. Metal fences vary as much in purpose as they do in design, heftiness, and price. The type of metal fence that will work best for you depends largely on what you want from a fence:

Wrought iron: This fencing choice combines durability with elegance. Wrought iron is sturdy and customizable, and it is powder coated for durability. Choose a wrought iron fence to provide a classic look for your yard that will last for years.

Steel: If security is your primary concern, a steel fence is one of your best options. While a steel fence requires consistent maintenance in order to prevent rust, its incredible strength means it is virtually impossible to damage.

Aluminum: Aluminum fences are perfect for anyone who lives in a coastal area because the material doesn’t rust. This fence type also doesn’t require much maintenance and is an inexpensive and effective option for your yard.

Chain-link: If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet durable fence to surround your yard, a chain-link fence is the one to choose. While chain-link is generally not considered attractive or secure, it is a low-maintenance option and comes in black and green vinyl coatings that help camouflage it with the surrounding landscape.

PVC or vinyl fences

PVC fences, also called vinyl fences, have been around for a long time and are a low-maintenance and long-lasting option. They’re flexible, strong, and have aluminum within them to maximize durability. Two big pros of a PVC or vinyl fence are its resistance to rot and discoloration. PVC fences are available in many styles, colors, and textures.

Wood fences

Wooden fences are typically made of cedar or pine, and where you live largely dictates the type you will choose. If you are in a dryer climate, cedar is the way to go, but pine will work best if you live somewhere humid.

Being wood, regular maintenance is very important to sustaining the integrity of this fence, but it can be painted or stained and is a versatile choice for your yard. Wooden fences are popular for adding beauty to your property, increasing curb appeal, and providing you with extra security.


While you can maintain a fence on your own, you shouldn’t install one without professional help. Not only is installing a new fence hard work, but there are a lot of other details to keep in mind when it concerns fence construction, including pre-installation work like applying for the right permits and marking utility lines. A fence company will navigate the fine details so that you don’t miss a beat.

Professional fence contractors also have access to high-grade materials that aren’t available at big-box stores. They know the right questions to ask a manufacturer and are knowledgeable about industry standards and solutions.


Hire a Best Pick fence company and rest assured that their quality of work and professionalism will wow you—we guarantee it.

Your needs will be a priority for any Best Pick fencing contractor, and before you know it you’ll find yourself referring the exemplary Best Pick contractors to your friends and family for their own fencing projects.

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