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Floors get a lot of attention. On any given day we’re sure to walk, play, and spill messes on them, and when it’s time to clean up we scrub, sweep, vacuum, blot, and spray them. After all of this action, it’s no wonder why a properly installed and long-lasting floor that meets our demands is a necessity. Local Best Pick flooring contractors are trained and knowledgeable about the various types of flooring that work for any lifestyle and design preferences.

Whether you’re interested in hardwood, resilient flooring, tile, or carpet, a Best Pick professional will ensure your floors will look, feel, and function in the way that you need.

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Types of wood flooring

Oak, bamboo, and pine are popular wood flooring options that vary in density, durability, and price. Your design preferences will dictate the type of hard surface that will work best.

Oak: Oak is a favorite among homeowners because it’s compatible with almost any design style. Many consider this type of flooring a practical choice because it’s readily available and affordable. It’s also easy to stain and refinish, can withstand foot traffic, and will hide dents and scratches well.

Pine: Pine is a softer wood and therefore is more likely to acquire dents, but it will harden over time. A long-lasting and cost-effective option, pine is resistant to shrinkage and swelling and can be painted and stained.

Bamboo: If you’re more environmentally conscious, bamboo is a great eco-friendly alternative to wood. Bamboo is easy to maintain and clean, is more resistant than its wood counterparts to water damage, and is a great option if you’re looking for a clean and contemporary look.

Resilient flooring

Compared to carpet and wood, resilient flooring is considered a flexible, durable, and inexpensive choice when picking hard-surface flooring.

Linoleum: This inexpensive, environmentally friendly floor option comes in a wide range of colors and styles. Perfect for bath and laundry rooms, linoleum flooring is water resistant, easy to maintain, and releases fewer toxins than its counterparts.

Vinyl: Vinyl flooring is a popular low-maintenance option. In addition to its resistance to mildew and mold, vinyl flooring is known to reduce noise and withstand heavy foot traffic. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, this flooring can match many décor styles.

Types of tile flooring

Tile is cool underfoot, has a long lifespan, and requires little maintenance. Popular choices include luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and ceramic tile.

Luxury vinyl tile: LVT is incredibly durable and resistant to water damage, dents, and heat. It can also simulate stone or wood and is a budget-friendly option. Luxury vinyl tile often includes scraped or embossed detailing, which makes the textures it mimics look dramatically real.

Ceramic tile: Ceramic tile is a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Easy to clean and resistant to germs, ceramic tile flooring is difficult to crack and will look great for decades. This flooring option comes in many patterns and designs and can be manufactured to look like natural stone and wood.

Types of carpet

Carpet is soft, warm, and available in virtually unlimited colors. If you’re looking for a durable but comfortable flooring option, carpet is often the way to go. Selecting the right carpet depends largely on how a room will be used.

Berber: This carpet type is good for high-traffic areas within a house because it is strong and resistant to marks. When compared to other types of carpet, Berber carpet is cost effective, especially for large areas, and is easy to clean.

Plush: With its cozy feel, numerous color options, and manicured look, plush is a popular choice for homeowners. Plush carpet needs consistent vacuuming to remove marks from foot traffic, but its material is stain resistant.

Frieze: Made with tightly twisted strands of yarn, frieze carpet easily disguises dirt, footprints, and vacuum tracks. Frieze is also a trendy carpet type that works well if you’re aiming for a polished but not overly formal look for your home’s interiors.


When planning your flooring repair, replacement, or installation, make sure to call a qualified flooring contractor. The best flooring companies have a keen eye, extensive experience, and knowledge of high-quality material and will help you choose the best product to accentuate your home and ensure a long-lasting job.


When you hire a Best Pick flooring contractor, you can feel confident knowing that they will provide the level of professionalism and quality of service that you expect.

Whether you’re interested in wood, resilient flooring, tile, or carpet, top-rated Best Pick flooring companies will approach your project with diligence and care and deliver your complete satisfaction—we guarantee it.

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