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Are you considering replacing the tile in your home? Want to achieve a more modern aesthetic when it comes to the tile in your kitchen or bathroom? Let Best Pick Reports connect you with a reputable tile installation and tile replacement service in your area. 

At Best Pick Reports, we use verified customer reviews to identify the top-rated tile installation specialists in your area. Beyond customer reviews, our team additionally verifies all the companies we recommend. We ensure they hold all licenses and insurance required by the state. 

With our exclusive Best Pick Guarantee, you can hire your tile specialist with confidence. Our stringent qualifying process makes it easy to hire with confidence. But if you do have an issue, we will work with the provider to make it right. In the unlikely case we cannot make it right, Best Pick Reports will pay you up to $2,500 for the hassle.  

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Benefits of Choosing a Best Pick Tile Installation and Replacement Service 

  • Verified Excellence: All of the tile installation companies we recommend are financially reliable, have a proven history of exceptional service, and possess all the necessary licenses and insurance as required by the state. 
  • Annual Assessments: Each year, we conduct comprehensive evaluations of every tile installation service provider. This ensures they consistently deliver outstanding customer service and maintain their licenses and insurance. 
  • Best Pick Guarantee: Our guarantee grants you peace of mind. If you are dissatisfied with the tile installation or replacement service, we could pay you up to $2,500. 

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Whether you're looking to swap out old carpeting with new tile or simply ready to replace outdated tile, a Certified Best Pick tile specialist can help you select the right tile to transform your space. Choose a qualified specialist in your area to kick off your tiling project, working with a provider that will understand your style and budget requirements. Transform your home today with brand-new tile.

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FAQs and Tips About Tile Installation 


There is a wide variety of tile available at an equally wide range of prices. Sometimes, a higher price indicates better durability. But in most cases, a high price point just means that the tile is detailed and could require more skill to install. Cheaper tile is typically just as water resistant and easy to clean as expensive tile. In other words, more expensive tile is not necessarily a better choice. 

Many tile contractors bid their jobs with a tile allowance. This means that you don’t necessarily need to select your tile before signing a contract for home remodeling work. Rather, you can select the tile later, and the price of the job will be adjusted accordingly. When you’re ready to choose tile, lean on the expertise of your contractor and the tile store employees. You can even pick some samples with your contractor, if they’re available to help you. Their experience with and knowledge of the different types of tile can help you narrow your selections. 


Tile is popular for bathrooms and kitchens because it wears well and is easy to maintain. These rooms see a lot of moisture and foot traffic, so tile is the natural choice for its water resistance and durability. 

Different areas of your house may require slightly different tiling processes. On walls that will be dry, the installer will attach the tile to the drywall with special adhesives. For bathroom walls that will typically stay dry, the installer will attach the tile to greenboard. Greenboard is a mildew-resistant drywall product. Blueboard is a similar material to greenboard. The main difference is that blueboard isn’t water resistant. Blueboard works better in kitchens and other dry areas. Water-resistant cement board is another common option. It is heavier than greenboard and blueboard, but it’s smooth and solid. This smooth surface is great for tile. 


Cracks. Cracking is the most common problem with tile floors. Tile is strong, but it can be brittle. If it isn’t installed on a solid, even surface, tile can crack. A tile floor must have a solid subfloor. Conventional wooden subfloors flex slightly when they’re walked on. This means that these types of subfloors might need reinforcement before installing tile on top. 

Water damage. In a tiled space that will get wet often, it’s normal for some water to permeate the grout. The key to preventing water damage is installing waterproof backer board and vapor barrier. The backer board and vapor barrier must be installed (and installed correctly) before the tile goes up. 

Loose tiles. Movement in the substrate, like shrinkage in a cement slab or warping in a wooden subfloor, can also cause tile to come loose over time. The tile needs to be installed with enough adhesive. The grout should also have control joints to allow the tile to move without loosening.

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