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From window repairs to custom mirrors and glass inserts, let Best Pick Reports help you find a trustworthy and reliable glass installation and repair company near you. 

Our research team uses local reviews to find contractors with the best customer service. We then prescreen each company and verify they have the proper licenses and insurance coverage. 

Unlike other services, each Best Pick Reports certified pro comes with our exclusive Best Pick Guarantee. You have the added peace of mind of knowing we will work with you to make the situation right if you are unhappy with their service. You could even get up to $2,500 back.

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  • Verified Excellence: We make it easy to find a glass repair and installation company that you can trust. We thoroughly vet our local professionals, making sure they have all the state-required licenses and insurance.  
  • Annual Evaluations: Best Pick Reports is committed to quality recommendations. We conduct annual evaluations for each of our recommended glass installers. Our researchers look at recent customer feedback and revalidate the company's licenses and insurance. 
  • Best Pick Guarantee: You also get our exclusive Best Pick Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their glass installation or repair services, we will help make things right or refund you up to $2,500. 

Glass Installation and Repair Services

  • Glass Shower Enclosure Installation: Enhance your bathroom with a custom glass shower enclosure, professionally installed to add elegance and functionality to your space. 
  • Glass Tabletops and Mirrors: Customize your home with a stunning glass tabletop or mirror for your bathroom. 
  • Door Glass Repair and Installation: Repair, replace, or install a new, custom glass door or window panel. 
  • Window Repair and Replacement: Repair or replace outdated or damaged windows with energy-efficient, stylish options that improve insulation and enhance the overall appearance of your home. 

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FAQs and Tips About Glass Repair and Installation Services 


Fogged and broken glass. Double-pane windows get foggy when their seals fail. Those failed seals let air into the space between the panes. With normal temperature changes, the moisture in that air condenses and causes the foggy look. Failed seals can have several causes. Sometimes, it’s a manufacturing defect. In other cases, the windows were installed incorrectly or were exposed to temperature extremes. Seals also fail as the windows age. A company that specializes in glass installation and repair can replace broken or fogged glass. In many cases, they can do this without having to replace the frame. A glass professional should be able to identify and replace virtually any type of glass. This includes insulated, tempered, or Low-E glass as well as specialty options like textured and patterned glass. 

Glass window and door repair. If any part of a window or door is broken, that window or door won’t work correctly. It also won’t be safe. A qualified company can repair or replace everything from window jamb liners to door rollers, handles, and locks. 

Window and door replacement. Some glass professionals can help you choose replacement windows or doors. They’ll account for everything from your house style and budget to HOA restrictions. 

Other types of glass work. Glass installation and repair companies often offer a wide range of services beyond windows and doors. If you need things like new window screens, glass shelves, or custom mirrors, a glass pro can usually help. The glass for these types of projects is typically custom-cut. Glass professionals have the right tools and experience for the job. Always have cracked or broken glass around your house replaced promptly. Doors and outdoor tables should always have tempered glass (also called safety glass). Tempered glass is stronger and breaks in a safer manner than conventional glass. Tempered glass is required by code in many settings and is recommended in others. 


New windows do wonders for reducing your energy consumption at home. Energy-efficient windows can help block heat transfer, which keeps your house more comfortable. These windows block heat transfer with heat-reflective coatings and gas-filled inserts. 

Low-E coatings. Increase your home’s energy efficiency even more by installing Low-E windows. Low-E (short for low-emissivity) glass has a special coating that lowers the transmission of ultraviolet light, or heat. Low-E glass can also lessen visible light transmission. This means that you’ll notice less glare and lower cooling costs. 

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