Research Methodology

For each annual Best Pick Reports® publication, we analyze thousands of new surveys with homeowners who had firsthand experience with home service providers. All surveys are independent and are conducted by our sister companies GuildQuality and pulseM, leaders in third-party customer satisfaction surveying.

The Best Pick® Certification Process

To establish the recommendations in Best Pick Reports, we survey random samples of prospective Best Pick companies’ recent customers. We rely on real surveys to inform our ratings, and we insist on independently surveying each company’s customers to ensure the feedback represents the majority of their clientele. Because we employ a business model that relies on consumer data and advanced survey methodologies to determine unbiased ratings, homeowners and providers are assured of a reliable process.
certification-process certification-process research rating credentials invitation publication guarantee research rating credentials invitation publication guarantee
To establish the recommendations in Best Pick Reports®, we survey random samples of prospective Best Pick® companies’ past customers. The methods we use are proven and widely used in the surveying industry for a variety of purposes, including scientic research. To measure the quality of a company, our grading process examines survey sample size, standard error calculations, and the probability of positive outcomes.
We rely on customer satisfaction research to identify top local companies.
Companies new to Best Pick Reports must receive at least 25 completed surveys per category as well as a company-level grade of 85% or above.
Every Best Pick company must maintain extremely high satisfaction rates.
At least 85% of a company’s customers must state that they would recommend the company to a friend or family member. By combining this approach with our random sampling methodology, we are able to develop unbiased and accurate recommendations.
We verify that companies carry state-required licenses and insurance.
We are insurance certificate holders for all Best Pick companies, including policies covering general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance when required by the state. Each year, we also verify that companies hold proper state trade licenses by referring directly to the appropriate state authorities.
Inclusion in Best Pick Reports is by invitation based on merit.
Companies cannot buy a good rating; they must earn it by having many satisfied customers and good reviews. We do not sell advertising space, improved ratings, or better placement in our report. Inclusion is by invitation alone, and that invitation is extended only if a company has met our strict qualifying criteria.
We publish Best Pick companies annually in our printed guides and online directory.
Each year we distribute our company recommendations to the public so that homeowners can make informed home service buying decisions. Qualified companies pay a fee that allows us to cover the cost of our qualification surveying and deliver our publication at no cost to homeowners.
The Best Pick Guarantee provides homeowners with security and confidence.
In the event that the work of a Best Pick company is unsatisfactory, the Best Pick Guarantee gives registered homeowners the ability to seek remediation in the form of additional service to resolve the issue and, when appropriate, financial reimbursement. To register and see full terms and conditions, please visit

How We Are Different

Getting referrals from your neighbors is a traditional method of identifying a company you feel you can trust, but a limited number of referrals does not always tell the whole story. This is why we take word of mouth to the next level by collecting thousands of homeowner surveys.

By proactively seeking homeowner feedback, we make sure that the reviews we use to rate companies are not from a biased, vocal minority, as is commonly the case with other online review guides and websites. Furthermore, companies cannot buy a good rating; the only way they can obtain the Best Pick designation is to earn it by having many satisfied customers and maintaining their stellar reputation year after year.

Other ways we are different:

Best Pick
Other Review Guides
and Websites
Quality You
Can Count On
Features a short list of top local companies and their accurate ratings no
Stands behind recommendations with a service guarantee some
Customer Satisfaction Research Rates companies based on unbiased customer surveys no
Relies on a dedicated survey team for review collection no
Proactively collects tens of thousands of reviews some
Credential Verification Communicates with insurance agencies to verify coverage no
Directly confirms trade licenses with state authorities no
Prints all required trade license numbers for each company some