The three weeks leading up to your big move will fly by, and before you know it you’ll be in your new home, surrounded by boxes. But there’s still a lot that must be accomplished in the interim. Even at three weeks out, plan to be busy!

You’ll need to detail your plans for moving valuables, essential items such as medications, and irreplaceable documents. Confirm (again) the time frame of the move with the moving company. And don’t forget to pack!

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, try not to worry. Our downloadable moving checklist will help you keep your to-do list in order. Take a look, and print this checklist to stay organized!

You can also check out Part 1 of our guide if you're still in the planning stages.

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3 Weeks Before Moving

Confirm details

  • Double-check that transportation information and dates are coordinated correctly. Contact your moving company to verify all the details, and reconfirm travel plans with any family members who are helping you move.
  • Figure out how you’ll be transporting any valuables you don’t want to pack, such as important documents or family heirlooms.

Schedule important services

  • Cancel your newspaper delivery service before you move out, and arrange for service at your new home.
  • If your move is going to involve a long drive, make an appointment to have your car tuned up before you leave. Gather your auto maintenance records together, and remember to transfer your registration if you need to.
  • Call a locksmith and arrange to have the locks changed at your new residence on the day you move in.
  • Make an appointment with a housecleaning service to have your new home cleaned before moving day. You may also want to have your old house straightened up after the move.

Start packing

  • Begin packing in earnest, starting with items that are normally kept in storage. Remember not to put too many heavy items in the same box so that no single box becomes too unwieldy—it may be helpful to pack heavier items in smaller boxes and save lighter items, like pillows, for larger boxes. Reinforce the bottoms of your moving boxes with packing tape.

2 Weeks Before Moving

moving boxes stacked in hallway

Secure money and medications

  • Stop by your local bank and close or transfer any accounts if necessary. This is also a good time to close your safe deposit box and pick up your valuable items.
  • Ensure that you’ll be able to pay for any unexpected issues that might arise during the move, and withdraw cash in advance to tip your moving company.
  • Contact your pharmacy and have your prescriptions filled before the move. If your move will take a while, make sure that everyone in your family has enough medication in an easily accessible place to last until you’re settled in your new home.

Keep packing and cleaning

  • Remember not to let packing fall by the wayside!
  • If you’re not planning to hire a cleaning service to tidy up once you’ve left, take the time to clean each room as you finish packing, and make sure there’s nothing that you’ve forgotten to pack.
  • If you’re taking any major appliances with you, start readying them for the move. Clear out and defrost chest freezers, and gather cords, accessories, and manuals for appliances that you’ll still need to use for the next couple of weeks, such as laundry machines and refrigerators.
  • You may want to put together a packet or file of information, such as warranty documents or local business recommendations, for the next owners of your home. Consider leaving your contact information in case the new owners have any questions.

Keep the small details in mind

  • Talk to your employer about taking the day off from work in order to oversee the move.
  • Remember not to do too much grocery shopping during the last two weeks before your move—you don’t want to buy more than you can use before you go, so grab only the essentials.
  • Return library books and any items that you’ve borrowed from friends, and don’t forget to pick up any clothes at the dry cleaners.

1 Week Before Moving

man on phone with moving company

Double-check all arrangements

  • Confirm your moving date one last time with the moving company. Be sure to mention any special arrangements you might need to make for items such as large antiques or musical instruments.
  • Get in touch with your real estate agent to reconfirm your move-in and closing dates.
  • Contact the storage company to reconfirm the details of your space rental.
  • Reconfirm how and where you’ll be storing your small valuable items during the move.
  • Reconfirm that all subscriptions and deliveries have either been canceled or transferred to your new address.

Take care of last-minute details

  • Back up and/or make copies of all your hard drives and essential digital documents. Plan to move your computers and other valuable electronics in your personal vehicle—that way, they’re less likely to be damaged.
  • Clear out any lockers you’re using at your old gym or workplace.
  • Dispose of toxic or flammable items that cannot be moved, such as paint, weed killer, propane, and even bleach.
  • Make sure that you’ve packed everything—leaving packing until the last minute can make moving day incredibly stressful. While you don’t want to leave out more items than you can take with you, set aside things you’ll need for the week ahead, such as clothing and personal hygiene items.
  • Have a backup plan ready in the event that the move takes longer than you expect.

The End Is In Sight!

You’re in countdown mode now! There’s still a lot to be done before the last box is loaded into the moving truck, but things will slow down in a matter of days.

In the midst of all the packing and busyness, however, don’t forget to eat nutritious meals, drink plenty of water, and get as much sleep as you can. Check in with your family members to make sure they’re doing the same.

Ready for the last bit of moving craziness? Follow our checklist for the day before and the day of the move to keep things under control.