Unless the sound of a leaky faucet is keeping you awake at night or a bathtub or shower drain is stopping up, your home’s plumbing system is probably not a top priority on your housekeeping list. Although many homeowners may notice a simple plumbing issue, the problem is often left unresolved and gradually becomes worse to the point that a simple repair turns into a costly dilemma, sometimes with damage to other parts of your home.

Most Plumbing Service Requests Are Urgent in Nature

As Mitzi Moore of Sundial Plumbing, a local plumbing company that’s served metro Atlanta since 1999, explains, most Atlanta plumbing service requests are urgent in nature. Mitzi continues, “Often, homeowners are busy and fail to notice small changes in their plumbing systems. More often, homeowners fail to resolve what begins as a small repair.

The neglect can cause complications that can become quite major. For example, a toilet that begins with a small leak allows a bit of water to collect around the base. Then, that small amount of water begins to drip through the ceiling and into the dining room below. Without prompt repairs, a simple toilet reseal can evolve to include damages to flooring, sub-flooring, structural, insulation, mold, etc.”

More Than Just a Series of Pipes

Since plumbing systems are installed during a home’s construction and incorporate grids of piping behind the walls and under the floors, it can be easy to overlook or underestimate the importance of the plumbing components within your home. However, the arrangement of valves, drains, faucets, and pipes provides supply to and drainage from the fixtures and appliances you use every day. The plumbing system is so important because it involves carrying the water you drink and cook with as well as safely taking away waste water produced within in your home.

Warning Signs

Mitzi emphasizes the importance of paying attention to your plumbing components and common warning signs of potential problems. By doing so, you will save money and headaches: “Look out for any inconsistencies in your water bill. Look at your ceiling and make sure you don’t have water spots. Be attentive, particularly when you’re cleaning."

"If you’re cleaning and notice that there’s a drop of water on the cutoff valve or supply line in the toilet or dampness in a cabinet under a sink, take everything out immediately and make repairs to resolve the issue. A quick resolution will prevent water damage to the bottom of the cabinet or keep water from spreading to ruin the subfloor. We’ve seen situations that begin as a $120 cost, but due to the failure to act on the repair the cost escalates to thousands of dollars.”

Be an Educated Consumer

For all homeowners deciding on an Atlanta, GA plumbing professional for an installation or repair in their home, one of Mitzi’s first recommendations is to always ask questions. No matter how uncomfortable you may feel at first, you can protect yourself by asking questions so you can become knowledgeable and informed. Always remember to check the website to verify the plumbing license of anyone in your home on the website for the State of Georgia. An educated consumer is a protected consumer.

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