Winter is known for dreary weather, and its often unpredictable nature frequently makes outdoor activities difficult. If you’re going to be trapped inside, you might as well make your home an enjoyable place to hole up in, so the team at Best Pick Reports has put together the following list of fun decorating ideas to keep you cheerful until spring comes around.

Play with Lighting

Winter candles on a wooden backgroundBetween the early sunsets and the gray skies often brought on by chilly weather, winter tends to be darker than the other seasons. However, this makes it the perfect time of year to try out new lighting fixtures and other ways of lighting your home, especially if your well-being is affected by the lack of natural light. In addition to emitting light, flames instantly create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, so use your fireplace if you have one, and consider lighting candles in certain rooms. Other options include experimenting with different types of lightbulbs such as full-spectrum bulbs, which simulate sunlight, and strategically hanging mirrors so that they will reflect light and make your home appear brighter.

Embrace Bright Colors

If winter’s bland color scheme does little to inspire you, select vivid colors for your interior decor. Cheering the place up can be as simple as distributing vibrant accent pillows, sculptures, throw rugs, and other decorative items throughout the house. If you’d prefer a more understated option, go with one large, eye-catching piece in a high-traffic area, or use color in unexpected places. For instance, add a layer of color beneath your regular window treatments, or paint the backdrop of a bookshelf a bright hue.

Bring the Season Indoors

Just because it’s uncomfortably cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t experience the natural beauty of winter. Fill vases or make centerpieces with winter flowers such as hellebores and winter jasmine as well as bare tree limbs and sprigs of evergreen. Birds that stick around for the winter tend to have the most vibrantly colored feathers, so also consider adding ornamental blue jays or cardinals.


Natural Christmas Window Decoration Of Wood With SnowAll the time spent indoors makes winter a fantastic time to craft seasonal decorations for your home. It’s also a fun family activity that doubles as a great way to keep the kids from going stir crazy. Some creative winter decor ideas include candleholders frosted with Epsom salt, homemade holiday or seasonal wreaths, and pinecone terrariums. The possibilities are endless.

Winter can easily be one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Even if you’re stuck inside due to unpleasant weather conditions, the retreat indoors often allows for more time spent with loved ones, and with a little open-mindedness and creativity, you can decorate the inside of your home to really highlight the season—you might even be sad to see it go.

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