Maybe you received our home services guide in the mail; maybe a neighbor referred a Best Pick company to you; or maybe you read one of our home care blog articles. No matter how you came across us, you’re doing your due diligence.

You’re conducting research on the legitimacy of Best Pick Reports because you’re a smart consumer.

At Best Pick Reports, we put the same care and effort into our recommendations that you are putting into your home care and contractor research. Every company that participates in our Best Pick program has undergone extensive research, achieving at least an 85% positive review rate from their customers in addition to having verified licenses and insurance. To certify companies (and to stand confidently behind our referrals), our research team surveys thousands of homeowners each year about their experiences with local companies.

But don’t just take our word for it—check out what other Best Pick Reports customers have said about us. If that’s not enough to put you at ease, every Best Pick company is covered under our $2,500 guarantee—and it’s free to sign up.

We’re here to help you, the homeowner, have the best home service experience possible every time you hire a company. Experience the difference by giving us a try.

Homeowner Testimonials

EBSCO researchers at work
The Best Pick Reports research team is hard at work interviewing homeowners.

“Best Pick Reports is the original one that everyone's trying to copy from. I've gotten a lot of wonderful companies from Best Pick Reports. I've gotten so many names from them, and whenever I get all these other booklets, they're all copycats. Everybody else I get—all these other copycats—I just throw them away. I never look at them. They're just trying to pretend they're Best Pick Reports. Best Picks is the original one. I've only lived here for 15 years, but back then, someone gave me the book, and I said, ‘Oh, wow—this is awesome.’ They've been the place I trust ever since. I like the way that they have things laid out where it shows the A+ rating and the A rating, and those are the only numbers you're given. And then they give information on the bottom, which is very helpful. I also like the fact that they only give the numbers of companies that get an A or A+ rating. Why does anyone want to use below that? I appreciate that. I'd give them an A+.”

Jill & Joseph F. | Marietta, GA

“I love the way that it is set up in there that there are all the different classifications, and you can go right there and see which are the Best Picks for each type. The convenience of having it right there at your fingertips is nice, and I liked knowing that there were customer reviews that I could review right there and I didn't have to go searching for reviews and that sort of thing. It was convenient. In a day where most of the time, people are going through the web to look for any kind of review they can, it was just nice having it right there in my hand. I'd give the book an A+ based on my experience."

James S. | Murphy, TX

“I am familiar with Best Pick Reports. I love it. I think it's awesome—it gives me more of a reassurance when I call someone. I use it two or three times a year. I give it an A+.”

Maged A. | Carrollton, TX

“I just received the 2015 Best Pick Reports, and I use it for other needs that I've got. I like that being new to the area, it's a very easy resource to go find some recommended contractors. I needed that as a homeowner. If you go online, you get a bewildering array of companies. The book gives you three or four selected companies in each category—it's excellent. I would give Best Pick Reports an A+ rating. It's been good. All of the companies that I've spoken to have been responsive and got back to me. They were very timely, and I'm impressed. I wouldn't hesitate to use the book.”

Matt C. | The Woodlands, TX

Person holding Best Pick Reports

“I love it. Any time we have anything that we do have to do, I strictly look in the book, and I'll make a couple of calls and decide on who to go with. I definitely use a lot of the publication. I would say it's an A+. I think I was happy with anybody that I've used out of the book, so they're definitely an A+.”

Suzanne & Stan M. | Dunwoody, GA

“I have read the publication before. It's wonderful. I don't do anything without it. I would give Best Pick Reports an A+.”

Stella R. | Atlanta, GA

“I'm familiar with Best Pick Reports. I use that frequently. I love it. I'm new to homeownership, so that book's been pretty helpful with some of the things I've needed to get repaired or little issues here and there. It's been a lot of help. I'd give Best Picks an A+.”

Dan L. | Plano, TX

“I find it to be helpful. I used it for the garage and the foundation work. The book has helped me and everything that I want to do. I would grade the book high—an A+. I liked the book. I've saved it, and any time I have anything to do, I've used it. I don't know of anything to suggest to make better.”

Reta G. | Tomball, TX

“Best Pick Reports gets an A+. I really love it, and I use it all the time.”

Karen M. | Alexandria, VA

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