If you’ve been to any outdoor get-togethers lately, you might have noticed an increase in tree benches. After a few of these parties, you may just find that you want one yourself. Don’t worry—you aren’t the only one.

Benefits of a Tree Bench

sunshine filtering through treesSince the tree bench is still an up-and-coming backyard trend, you might not have heard of it just yet. For those who aren’t exactly sure what the definition of a tree bench is, it’s just a bench that wraps around a tree. You’ve probably seen them in parks, but they’re becoming more and more popular as a backyard staple. They’re aesthetically pleasing, and they have several benefits:

  • You get to enjoy activities outside that are normally done inside, like reading or eating. Reading can be an enjoyable activity indoors, but when the weather is nice, your favorite book can be even more enjoyable outside. Eating a snack or sipping a coffee also can be more enjoyable when combined with fresh air.

  • The sun exposure from sitting on a tree bench will provide you with vitamin D, which provides multiple health benefits. However, if you plan to stay outside for long, be sure to apply sunscreen to avoid an uncomfortable sunburn.

  • If you host events frequently, you’ll find that the installation of a tree bench will provide additional party seating for your guests. Tree benches are very functional, but they don’t detract from the natural beauty of your yard.

Tree Bench Installation

branch on circular sawThere are a couple of ways to add a tree bench to your landscape. Many large retailers carry them for relatively low prices, or if you’re feeling ambitious, you can build your own as a summer project. It can be a little more expensive to implement yourself, and the measuring process may be a bit challenging depending on the tree. However, doing it yourself provides greater opportunity for customization, and you might enjoy a new sense of accomplishment.
Whether you buy a tree bench or build your own, it will make a nice addition to your landscaping and give you a chance to enjoy the outdoors more often. If you would rather let a professional handle the installation, contact a local Best Pick landscaping company.

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