When it comes to our homes, little is more important than quality heating, cooling, and plumbing. These systems are integral to our everyday lives, so it’s natural to want only the best construction contractors working on them when they’re being built or repaired. By joining the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC), technicians show that they are interested in learning the best modern practices in the industry. The PHCC equips industry professionals with essential tools to provide exceptional services, and the PHCC’s member database can also act as a great reference for homeowners in search of first-rate work.  

What Is the PHCC?

The PHCC is a national trade association that represents, connects, and serves technicians in the plumbing, heating, and cooling industry. With over 3,500 shop contractors and more than 70,000 member technicians, the association, which is the oldest in the construction industry, provides training, education, business development, and legislative advocacy resources to plumbing and HVACR contractors nationwide.

What Does Membership Mean for You?

HVAC technician using a meter to check heat pumpSuperior contractors. PHCC members have access to a number of resources curated specifically for heating, cooling, and plumbing contractors. The association offers business education, member-only discounts for materials, courses in new techniques, and networking opportunities across a national membership base. It also funds a political action committee dedicated to representing contractors’ interests in the regulatory process.

High-quality reference material. The PHCC prides itself on providing its members with cutting-edge information on compliance and best practices within the industry. The aforementioned resources help ensure that contractors are committed to performing excellent work with up-to-date techniques. Because the PHCC website lists its members within its contractor-locator tool, it can act as a jumping-off point in the search for a reputable contractor.

Many Best Pick contractors are members of the PHCC, and while all of our contractors hold themselves to high standards, a PHCC membership provides additional resources that can prove helpful to contractors and homeowners.

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