Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a palatial luxury mansion? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Indulge your curiosity with a look through our gallery of the eight most beautiful homes of 2016, and pick up some decoration inspiration while you’re there. Coming up with a down payment for a multimillion-dollar estate may not be an option any time soon, but you can certainly steal some ideas for luxe, architectural details to add panache to your current home.
Keep scrolling for a guided tour of the gorgeous features of some of the country’s most exclusive real estate.

mansion home with terra-cotta roof

Terra-cotta Roofing Tiles

Along with a perfectly manicured lawn, this stately home’s durable terra-cotta roof adds an element of European sophistication.

luxury cabin home with large swimming pool

Backyard Pool

A serene swimming pool provides a place to relax after a long day.

large luxury kitchen with granite countertops

Stone Countertops

Thick countertops made from granite, marble, or any other natural stone are a hallmark of luxury kitchens.

living room with wrought iron chandelier and staircase

Wrought Iron Details

Chandeliers and staircase banisters crafted out of wrought iron add subtle elegance.

photo of The Breakers, a mansion in Rhode Island

Ornate Chimneys

A collection of chimneys is a classic look—but plan to employ a band of chimney sweeps.

brick mansion with landscaped front yard

Elegant Landscaping

A lush, green lawn and artfully designed planting beds accent a beautiful home.

brick mansion surrounded by hedgerows

Stately Hedgerows

A natural alternative to a wood or metal fence, a set of hedgerows will allow you to enjoy garden parties away from the eyes of nosy passersby.

stone mansion with circular fountain in front yard

Water Features

A fountain in the front yard or entranceway greets guests and sets a tranquil tone.
Few of us will ever live in a mansion, but it’s fun to daydream from time to time. With a little hard work and some imagination, you can add luxury details to your own home—and you won’t need an entire staff of people to help with maintenance.