The garage has become a dumping ground for anything and everything we don’t want in the house—cans of paint, bicycles, tools, boxes of unused items, and a number of other random objects. At times, the garage can be so full of our things that fitting a car into the space reserved for it is impossible. The time has come for you to take back your garage and reclaim your car’s parking space by updating your garage storage. 

Before you begin, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. First, take an inventory of your items and determine which things you would like to keep, which items you should donate or sell, and which things you should’ve tossed a long time ago. Once you have everything sorted, it’s time to organize those items you’ve chosen to keep. Group them into categories, like tools, sports gear, lawn equipment and gardening tools, and seasonal or rarely used items. After you’ve done that, it’s time to find the perfect garage storage system.

Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

Overhead garage storage solutions are perfect for keeping seasonal decorations or rarely used items organized and out of the way—freeing up space for those things that you use on a regular basis. There are several options available for both light and heavy items. For light items, you can install a storage rack that mounts to the ceiling. For heavier items, a storage platform with a motorized pulley system is a great option because it eliminates the strain of hefting heavy items overhead. Even items that you use fairly often can be stored above. Add big items, such as bicycles, ladders, coolers, and strollers, to the rack or hang them from below on hooks. Make sure that they’re easily accessible since you’ll be using them more often than the other items stored overhead.

Garage Wall Storage Solutions

With some of your items safely stored above, it’s now time to tackle your regularly used items. A garage wall storage system comes in very handy for organizing and storing your things. There are several options available, and your decision should be based on what you’re storing and how you want to store it:

  • tools hanging in the garage

    Shelves: for storing items you want to put on display or have at your fingertips (e.g., potting soil, cat litter, work boots, household items)

  • Cabinets: for storing items that you want hidden or locked away (e.g., chemicals or hazardous substances)

  • Pegboards and hooks: for storing tools, hoses, and cleaning supplies (e.g., brooms, dustpans, rakes, shovels, hammers)

  • tools hanging on tool rack

    Bins: for storing smaller items that are harder to hang from pegboard (e.g., gloves, sports equipment)

  • Jars or small containers: for storing tiny odds and ends (e.g., screws, nails, washers)

  • A workstation: for storing items for gardening and/or DIY projects

The Floor

Once you’ve added overhead and wall storage to your garage, you’ll gain a lot more floor space. Instead of using your floor to store things, try to keep this area free of clutter, which will give the appearance of a clean and tidy garage. You’ll definitely appreciate this space if you need to use your garage for projects or activities. And it’ll certainly guarantee that you’ll be able to fit your car into its designated space without a problem.

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