This article was crafted with the help of Susan Elisha of Mosquito Squad of Alpharetta.

With spring approaching, it will soon be warm enough to enjoy spending time in your yard again. Unfortunately, nothing ruins time outdoors more quickly than being bitten up by mosquitoes. However, there are quite a few easy precautions that you can take to improve your backyard bug control and help prevent mosquitoes from putting a damper on your fun in the sun.

How to Know When You Have a Problem

What’s especially tricky about mosquitoes is that they are hard to see, so you often won’t know you have a problem until you end up bitten. Susan Elisha, the owner of Mosquito Squad of Alpharetta, says that even determining whether or not your bite comes from a mosquito can be tricky because other bugs, such as gnats, can also bite, and each individual’s reaction to a bite is different, depending on skin sensitivity and insect allergies.

Getting a few bites one day may not be indicative of a large problem, though. The same mosquito can bite you more than once, so it may just be that a mosquito flew into your yard and landed on you. If you contracted a very high number of bites or the other members of your family were also bitten extensively, it is probably wise to assume you have an issue and should call in a professional.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Professional pest control companies like Mosquito Squad can usually supply you with various insect control options so that you can choose one that best fits your needs. For instance, if you spend a lot of time outdoors or frequently entertain guests in your backyard, you would want regular mosquito protection. Susan says that the longest-lasting type of protection is a treatment that kills the existing mosquitoes and then bonds to the surfaces of your yard so that new mosquitoes entering the yard will be killed by the bonded residue when they land. Typically, treatments that bond last a maximum of three weeks.

Another alternative is getting an automatic system installed that will spray your yard at periodic intervals throughout the day. While the spray isn’t as long lasting as a bonding treatment, it can achieve similar results because it is sprayed so regularly. However, this option is probably not ideal for homeowners with pets or small children who may wander out into the yard sporadically since you would not want them to accidentally be exposed to the spray.

If you are wary of chemical treatments, there are all-natural mosquito control applications available, but be aware that they will need to be applied more frequently than chemical treatments because they do not last as long.

Keeping the Bugs Away

After receiving a professional treatment, there are several steps you can take to prolong the results and discourage mosquitoes from returning. Susan explains that Mosquito Squad endorses the “five Ts of mosquito control: tip, toss, turn, tarps, and treat.”

Tip over anything that could possibly house standing water. Susan says, “Mosquitoes only need about a water bottle cap amount of water to lay eggs, and when they lay eggs, they lay hundreds of eggs at a time,” so it’s important to tip over anything in your yard that could accumulate water, such as children’s toys, pet bowls, or flower pot saucers.

Toss out yard debris. According to Susan, mosquitoes like low, moist, shaded areas, so piles of leaves or other yard scraps make excellent homes for mosquitoes.

Turn over large, water-collecting objects. While it may be easy to remember to pick up the random odds and ends like toys and cups, don’t forget about some larger offenders. Coolers or small, inflatable pools can easily become breeding grounds for mosquitoes if left outside for too long. Remember to completely empty them after each use.

Check tarps for water. Because tarps can be stretched over abnormally shaped piles or objects, they can often form valleys perfect for collecting water. Make sure that any tarp in your yard is stretched as tightly as possible so that water can slide off instead of forming puddles. If you do notice any water pooling on your tarp, shake it off as soon as you can.

Treat regularly. One treatment will likely get rid of any existing mosquitoes, but long-lasting protection can only be achieved through regular treatments and yard diligence.

Mosquitoes are more than just annoying; they’re dangerous. Because they transmit potentially deadly diseases such as West Nile virus and Chikungunya, it is important to minimize your risk. No one likes getting bug bites or illnesses, but by taking the proper preventative measures and investing in long-term solutions, you can easily enjoy your time outside with peace of mind.

This spotlight article was crafted with the help of Mosquito Squad of Alpharetta, a Mosquito Control Best Pick in Atlanta. While we strive to provide relevant information to all homeowners, some of the material we publish may not pertain to every area. Please contact your local Best Pick companies for any further area-specific advice.

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