If you’re a homeowner who spends all winter bundled up inside, the arrival of spring will finally allow you to spend more time outdoors. However, after months of sitting idle, your porch or patio may not be as enticing as you’d like. Use the following porch design ideas to breathe life back into your outdoor living spaces and kick off the sunnier seasons in style.


Try painting the ceiling or floor—or both—of your porch. Changing the colors to something bolder or more serene could be just the pick-me-up your porch needs to spring into the warmer months. Even if you don’t want to change the colors, some fresh coats of paint will still serve to brighten up the space and cover any imperfections that have developed over the year.  


furnitureCoordinate your paint colors and furniture styles for a clean look, or mix and match for a more whimsical vibe. Wicker furniture and Adirondack chairs are some of the most popular and widely available porch furniture options, but don’t be afraid to check out thrift stores and yard sales for antique pieces or one-of-a-kind finds. Pick up colorful cushions or patterned throw pillows to accent plain, neutral furniture. Just remember to choose fabrics that will stand up well to wear and tear and different weather conditions. Hang a daybed or porch swing or get some rocking chairs for the coziest of porches.


Lighting is the best way to create a specific type of ambiance for your porch at night or on overcast days. Depending on the style of your home, you can choose traditional options, like lamps or chandeliers, or you can branch out into the more unconventional and trendy offerings, like string lights and Chinese lanterns. For a more permanent lighting option, consider adding a skylight or two.


GreeneryYour porch is surrounded by nature, which can really enhance its visual appeal. Make sure the landscape around your porch is thriving, and choose flowering plants in complementary colors to your porch design. Planters along railings or hanging flowerpots are also nice additions that can really spruce up a porch lacking color. By using these outdoor patio design ideas, you can create a fresh-air haven that’s perfect for afternoon naps or entertaining guests. Not only will a beautiful porch or patio boost your curb appeal, but it will also help you make the most of your home’s space.

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