Like many professional organizations, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association’s first priority is the reliability and professionalism of their industry. Cleaning your air ducts is not an easy task, but it is important, and the benefits of air duct cleaning are numerous. The next time you are looking to have your air ducts cleaned, consider looking for a company that has a NADCA member on staff.

What Is the National Air Duct Cleaners Association?

man cleaning ducts with toolThe National Air Duct Cleaners Association is an organization that was founded in 1989 in Kansas City, Missouri. Its mission is to “promote source removal as the only acceptable method of cleaning, establish industry standards for the association … and represent qualified companies engaged in the inspection, cleaning, and restoration of HVAC systems.

” The organization’s numbers have grown from 25 people in its founding year to over 1,000 duct cleaning companies today. NADCA continues to value their core principles of creating and updating standards and lowering the number of scams in the industry.

What Do Professionals Gain by Becoming Members?

NADCA offers a variety of training programs, like the Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) certification, and members have to maintain this certification with yearly Continuing Education Credits. NADCA also offers a Certified Ventilation Inspection (CVI) certification, which is valid for three years. These programs create a national standard that ensures members know and understand proper maintenance practices.

Why Should You Choose a NADCA Member?

cleaning floor vent with vacuumThey won’t scam you. Scams were more prevalent before NADCA was founded, but some disreputable companies still try to cheat their customers.

NADCA-certified companies believe that source removal is the only appropriate means of cleaning ductwork. NADCA members care about the quality and integrity of the industry and want to ensure that homeowners get a good value for their money.

The association updates its standards every few years based on new technology, real-life experience, and progress in the industry. You can find a fact sheet about the NADCA Standard for Assessment, Cleaning, and Restoration of HVAC Systems (ACR) on their website as well as a PDF of the most recent ACR, published in 2013.

Your home is your haven, and you want your living space to be as clean, healthy, and comfortable as possible. Clean air ducts are key to clean air, which is one of the most important attributes for your home to have. If you think your air isn’t quite as clean as it should be, you’re probably right. Even the most up-to-date systems will need cleaning at some point. Contact a local Best Pick duct cleaner to get reliable, efficient service.

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