Intricate landscaping designs and flashy garden displays may be eye-catching, but the secret to a healthy, well-maintained lawn is all in the details.

Any great lawn needs the same dependable, regular care to flourish, and tending to the basics while keeping your yard maintenance routine on schedule will ultimately net you the green grass and healthy plants that will help make your lawn the talk of the town.

Atlanta lawn maintenance company Weed Pro Lawn Care explains the vital roles that mowing the lawn, sufficient watering, and proper aeration play in the process of making sure your yard stays vibrant and green. A beautiful lawn “can be boiled down to these three main necessities—mowing, watering, and aeration,” says Weed Pro, elaborating that “correct mowing techniques are the first step to proper lawn care” and explaining how aeration can promote lawn health.

The company adds that “the specific amount of water that a yard will need to remain healthy will vary from grass type to grass type and from month to month,” so be careful with your watering—what might beautify one lawn could destroy the next.

Read on, and get more tips for an envy-inducing lawn.