Selling your home isn’t just about organizing the perfect staging event. An appealing paint job can do wonders for attracting potential buyers to your home—the right color or shade of paint might even help you clinch the deal. Read on for a few suggestions on how to use paint to speed up your sale.


  • Painting your walls in neutral colors will spare potential buyers the work of repainting if they don’t like bolder shades. Buyers appreciate warm neutral colors, such as light browns and tans, for living areas because they are often seen as inviting and will be appropriate no matter what the room will be used for. Soft neutral colors, such as light grays, blues, and muted browns or beiges, are best for bedrooms and other areas that are associated with calm and relaxation.

  • Use bright or light colors in the kitchen, but stay away from white—it can give the kitchen a sterile, washed-out look. Instead, stick with warmer, lighter neutrals, such as pale yellows and light beiges.

  • Make small rooms seem larger and more inviting by using light colors, such as whites, pale grays, or light tans.


  • Rich but subdued colors, such as olive green, soft blue, or burgundy, are popular right now—they’re visually appealing, but buyers aren’t likely to find them overwhelming.

  • As with interior painting, shades of gray, white, and beige have remained popular over the years. Grays and tans are familiar and inviting, and whites help the landscape pop without drawing too much attention to the house itself.

  • It’s popular to coat most of a house in a lighter shade while using a darker shade of the same color for the trim. Adding a brighter accent color creates a nice combination and pulls the look together well.

A great paint job can go a long way in bringing you closer to selling your home. Check out more tips on which paint colors to avoid when you’re putting your house on the market.

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