You don’t have to have five fruit trees, a jasmine plant, and a begonia to have a nice yard. In fact, you don’t even have to cut your own grass. Follow these tips to achieve a manicured lawn with minimal effort.

Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives

If you like your lawn to be green but just can’t find the time or patience to mow your grass, investigate other options like sedge grass, turfgrass, ornamental grass, or synthetic grass. Some turfgrasses require more maintenance than others, so be sure to check with a lawn maintenance specialist to know exactly what care will be involved.

Grass varieties that are native to your region will require significantly less water than invasive grasses—a huge benefit when it comes to droughts. Most options are also comparable in price to conventional grass.

In an area where water is sparse, a rock garden may be even better suited for your lawn than any kind of grass. This step-by-step guide will tell you what you need to know to make an aesthetically pleasing rock garden that is appropriate for your climate.

Choose Easy Flowers to Grow

pink chrysanthemums outsideJust because it’s winter doesn’t mean your yard has to live without flowers.

There are plenty of winter flowers to plant if you want an easy way to add some color to your lawn.

  • Chrysanthemums are a winter perennial that look great by themselves or as part of a rock garden. As a bonus, this plant will bloom for seasons to come as opposed to an annual plant that only blooms for one season.
  • Impatiens, or “touch-me-not” flowers, are an easy annual plant that can be planted as a seed this time of year. They don’t even require you to get rid of dead blooms. Just make sure they get plenty of water and periodic fertilizing.

If February flowers aren’t your style, you can start preparing to plant flowers like sunflowers, marigolds, pansies, and fuchsias for the spring.

Hire a Best Pick Company to Help You

man mowing lawnWhether you have a hectic schedule, strict homeowners’ association regulations for your grass height, or no knack for plants, you can hire a local Best Pick company to help with your landscaping needs.

They’ll be knowledgeable about what grows best locally, what’s easy to maintain, and which plants best suit the season.

Maintaining your lawn doesn’t have to be high maintenance. Low-maintenance landscaping can be attractive and functional. Explore these options for grass alternatives, easy flowers to plant, and who to call when you can’t do everything yourself.