With home ownership comes a host of routine maintenance tasks, and remembering when to do what can be difficult.

Should you clean the gutters in the spring or the fall? When should you start taking action against winter heat loss? Follow our handy seasonal home maintenance checklist to keep your abode in tip-top shape.

Infographic about Your Home's System Checklist

Your Home’s System Checkup Checklist

Not sure when to tackle home maintenance tasks? Follow our seasonal guide to keep your home’s major systems in check.


Focus on your home’s exterior. Clean gutters and downspouts, wash windows and screens, and have a professional inspect any problems with the roof or siding. Schedule an HVAC inspection and make sure your filters have been changed before you turn on the air conditioning.


Take a close look at your home’s plumbing system. Hire a plumber to repair any leaky faucets or valve problems, both inside and outside. Inspect the deck and apply a protective wood sealant.


Get ready for cold weather. Have your heating system inspected along with any fireplaces, chimneys, or wood-burning stoves. If your windows are old and drafty, replace them or use caulk and weather stripping to decrease heat loss until you can spring for new windows.


Stay on top of winter weather. Shovel snow away from your home’s foundation, and don’t let icicles accumulate on the eaves. Hire a tree professional to remove overhanging limbs or dead trees that could topple under the weight of snow and ice.