Homeowners spend a lot of time and effort trying to keep animals out of their yards, so you may be surprised to learn that there is at least one kind you’ll actually want to take up residence in your backyard. Birds are a wonderful addition to nearly any outdoor living space, and there are some great reasons you should make an effort to make your yard an avian haven.

Birds Are Natural Pest Control

The most practical reason to attract birds to your yard is that they can act as a natural form of pest control. Birds’ diets include a wide variety of foods, including insects. Rather than relying on potentially dangerous chemicals like insecticides and pesticides, attracting birds to your garden can help keep unwanted insect and pest populations under control. Because different birds target different insects, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the birds in your area and target the right kind of bird for the insects that plague you. If you’re trying your hand at an organic garden, birds can be invaluable allies in the fight against pests that would otherwise threaten your award-winning tomatoes.

Help Threatened and Endangered Birds

red bird houseCommercial and residential development is ever ongoing, often gobbling up vast tracts of previously undeveloped land. Unfortunately for birds and other wildlife, these places were previously known to them as home. It can be devastating for species as their breeding grounds, homes, food, and water sources are all wiped out. Creating a miniature bird sanctuary in your yard can offer some small refuge to these birds in what may otherwise be inhospitable land. Offering birds food, shelter, and a place to potentially raise their young gives them more of a chance to adapt to these abrupt changes and helps preserve biodiversity and ecological systems in your area.

Connect With Nature

little robin bird singingPerhaps the most satisfying reason to make your outdoor living space more bird friendly is to enjoy the simple yet fundamental pleasure of experiencing wildlife in the comfort of your own backyard. Birdwatching can be a highly enjoyable pastime; you’ll be surprised to learn the wide variety of birds that live around you. You may even want to set up a birdwatching camera so that you can get a better view of your feathered visitors. Songbirds are great to have around; their beautiful, distinctive calls will soon become familiar to you and make for delightful ambiance. A sterile, overly manicured yard is far less appealing than one that is literally alive with the comings and goings of the creatures that live all around you. You can also begin fostering an appreciation for nature in your children or grandchildren just by stepping out your door.

These are just a few great reasons, practical and otherwise, to consider adding bird-friendly elements to your outdoor living space. Come back tomorrow to learn what you can do to make your yard irresistible to even the most discriminating flyer.

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