If you’re looking to remodel your home but you aren’t sure where to start, look at these pictures for some classic architectural touches to teach your new home some old tricks.

detailed cornice on ceiling


A cornice is a detailed addition that makes an elegant difference and is incredibly versatile. This decorative element can be implemented just along the ceiling of grouped living spaces, or you can incorporate it into individual bedrooms and bathrooms. It can be elaborate or simple and can serve as inside or outside decor.

white interior column


Whether they are placed inside or outside, columns give your house a defining presence, and they don’t have to be as large as the ones found at national monuments or buildings to make an impact. They give the classical feeling of many older architectural styles, like Federal-style homes, while still creating a new look for your house. Columns can be tricky to maintain, so consider consulting a local Best Pick Reports professional to help you with installation and maintenance.

Black door with elaborate fanlight and blue door with simple fanlight


A fanlight is an easy way to add some natural light to your house without making a huge change. They are usually placed above the front door, but they can also be installed above windows. This addition is a great way to get some extra sunshine or a nice view of a summer storm.

white semicircular portico on brick house


If you don’t have a covered porch, a portico creates a nice area for your guests to wait as you hurry to answer the door, and it goes nicely with a fanlight. It can be shallow, as shown in the picture here, or it can be a bit deeper to allow for more room. Installing a portico also gives you the opportunity to incorporate columns for support and cornices for decoration. Add some potted plants, and your greeting space will be complete.
If you’re looking for some alternatives to the standard, white-picket-fence home, consider adding some decorative cornices, columns, fanlights, or porticos. They invoke the feel of older styles but breathe new life into your home.

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