Inside the most Grinch-y of souls burns the tiny flame of desire for that picture-perfect, Currier-and-Ives holiday home. 

A tall, fresh tree festooned with ornaments and ribbon; a blazing hearth covered from end to end with garland and glamor; and an outdoor light display that glows majestically, acting as a beacon of winter cheer. 

However, as movie character Clark Griswold famously teaches us, the path between the before and after photos is often strewn with tangled light strands, precarious footholds, and overworked extension cords. 

As a result, many people are now recognizing the benefits of hiring professional decorating crews to add some holiday magic to their home décor.


Nothing makes the holiday spirit dissipate faster than trying to muscle a plastic Rudolph into position on the roofline while your ladder weaves back and forth with every move. 

Professional decorating crews are trained in the work and have the tools—longer ladders, man-lifts, safety harnesses—to get every holiday decoration from the fence line to the roof installed without damage to the home or the workers. 

In addition, professional holiday decorators will have a wealth of experience gained from installing a vast number of displays annually, from small residential crèches to multimillion-dollar commercial displays.


Each year, the household holiday budget for décor seems to grow, much of this due to having to replace broken or damaged light strings and other ornaments that didn’t survive their year in storage.

Most professional decorating companies rent holiday decorations to their clients, bundled with the cost of design and setup of the display. Depending on how elaborate your design is, you could save money by hiring a pro as well as end the frustration of having to remove and store the ornaments and lights at the end of the holiday season.

The Style Factor

The greatest advantage of using a professional décor designer is that it allows you the flexibility to easily keep up with trends in holiday decorating as they change from year to year.

Each year can bring a new and different look, from modern color schemes and running lights to nature-based decoration with musical accompaniment. Also, the latest technology upgrades are always close at hand.

The current explosion of energy-saving lighting technology is never more appreciated than when it is incorporated into a holiday light display. Professional designers are reporting a more widespread use of LED lights as the basis of their holiday displays.

Homeowners are more often requesting that display controls be designed to run on a tablet or cell phone.

Festive decorations can make the holiday season feel that much more special, but the work and worry of getting them up quickly and safely can dampen your enjoyment of the tradition. Getting help from a professional decorator can be an excellent way to keep the ho-ho-ho in your holidays.

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