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Founded in 2003, Dijis Technology is a family-owned-and-operated home theater systems company specializing in home entertainment features like surround sound systems. We also offer climate and lighting controls and video surveillance. Some of the brands we stock include Control4, Parasound, and Klipsch. We do not provide TV repair services.

About Chicago Home Theater Companies

More and more homeowners are deciding to invest in quality home theater equipment, but if you have extra space, why not turn it into an actual home theater? No matter the size of your space, a Chicago company that specializes in home theater systems can help you design a theater that meets your family’s needs. A quality home theater systems contractor will be able to answer any questions you may have about the process and give you a thorough outline of what to expect at each stage, from design to construction and installation.

The most important things to take into consideration when building a home theater are picture, sound, and lighting, as they can make or break the viewing experience. If your home theater space is big enough, a projector can produce a much larger viewing area than even the largest flat-screen TVs. Projectors, however, require more controlled lighting for optimal viewing. When planning your home theater’s audio system, pay attention to the acoustics of the room and consider soundproofing it. A reputable home theater technician will be able to install your speakers nearly anywhere. Lighting systems can also be customized and installed to replicate the ambiance of a traditional movie theater. A quality home theater company will also take into account extra features, such as theater-style seating, carpeting, and video game systems.

Building a home theater is a large-scale project that requires expertise in advanced sound system technology as well as lighting systems and wiring. With careful planning, a Chicago home theater systems specialist can set up your dedicated home theater space to allow your family to enjoy the complete movie theater experience in the comfort of your own home.