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ALL OUT Sealcoat specializes in asphalt sealing and crack filling and sealing services for residential and commercial customers.


About Philadelphia Asphalt Driveway Companies

When properly installed, inspected, and sealed, an asphalt driveway can last for years, even decades. That’s why, thanks to its oil-masking color, ease of application, and durable yet flexible nature, an asphalt driveway is often considered an economical style upgrade.

However, not all installations are deserving of an A grade, and not all driveways are cut from the same cloth. Several factors, including the asphalt’s thickness; the quality and composition of the area’s soil; the quality, makeup, and concentration of the underlying aggregate; and the slope of the finished product all come together to determine the strength, usefulness, and versatility of your new driveway.

As for longevity, even the smallest hairline crack can lead to irreparable damage, so proper sealing of your new driveway should occur no later than one year after its initial installation to protect it from spills, salt, normal wear and tear, and extreme hot and cold. Sealants should be reapplied every two years, and the driveway itself should be inspected annually.

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