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Serving southeastern Pennsylvania since 1998, Hydroscapes installs drainage systems to solve problems with water movement and drainage. We also install irrigation systems, sump pumps, and outdoor lighting systems. Company owner Rob Kratz, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, designs drainage solutions for customers, and our employees are not only rigorously screened but also receive annual training.

About Philadelphia Drainage System Companies

If you have noticed water puddling in your yard long after a rain shower has passed, your lawn may have drainage problems. Standing water is problematic because it not only serves as a nice breeding spot for mosquitoes, it can also kill otherwise healthy grass. Poor drainage can also lead to water entering the home, which can cause a host of additional problems. Lawn drainage problems are often caused by improperly graded ground or changes in the soil height and composition, perhaps as the result of landscaping or plants and trees growing larger over the years. Fortunately, a drainage system can be implemented to correct the problem.

French drains are a popular solution because they are unobtrusive once installed, but surface drain systems and landscaping elements such as swales and berms are effective options, too. Adequate drainage is essential to a healthy lawn, so contact a Best Pick drainage contractor to learn more about your options.