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13th year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured Workers' Comp
CroppMetcalfe was built on and continues to provide high-quality service, high-quality products, and complete customer satisfaction. Our most loyal customers have stayed with us for over 30 years. Our vision is to serve our customers with the goal of creating customers for life.

CroppMetcalfe offers the repair, service, and installation of faucets, water heaters, garbage disposals, main water lines, drains, sinks, toilets, and sump pumps.
13th year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured Workers' Comp
We pride ourselves on listening carefully to the needs of our customers. When clients call us with a plumbing issue, they're looking for a skilled, trusted plumber to help as quickly as possible. Our offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic region let us act with urgency while sending the most skilled, highly trained professionals to get the job done right.
13th year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured Workers' Comp
From our beginnings as a one-man shop on K Street, we've grown to become one of the largest and most successful plumbing and HVAC service companies in the area. For 89 years, we've delivered quality service and products and have established ourselves through integrity, trust, and respect for our customers.

Vito Services offers residential plumbing services, including installation and repair of water heaters, sump pumps, well systems, garbage disposals, toilets, faucets, and whole-home water filters.
11th year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured Workers' Comp
As a family-owned-and-operated company, we strive to provide you with the best service because we are attaching our personal name to that service. Our honest, thoroughly trained, certified technicians pay special attention to each job. We are small enough to know your name, but large enough to handle any problem you have.

James A. Wheat & Sons (JAWS) is a full-service residential plumbing company offering service, sales, replacement, and installation of water heaters, tankless water heaters, boilers, faucets, toilets, sinks, and garbage disposals.
5th year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured Workers' Comp
Mallick Plumbing & Heating is a family-owned business with over two decades of experience. We have grown our business by consistently exceeding our customers' expectations. We take great pride in being a leader in customer service, retention, and loyalty.

Mallick Plumbing & Heating, Inc., provides a range of plumbing services, including backflow prevention; water treatment; and drain video inspections, locating services, and cleaning.

About Washington, DC Plumbing Companies

Plumbing, while critical to a home, is often the last thing on a homeowner’s mind until a problem occurs, like a clogged pipe or leaky faucet. Simple actions on your part—from inspecting exposed pipes for leaks to checking your fixtures for proper water pressure and drainage—can ensure timely repairs and even prevent water damage disasters.

In Case of a Plumbing Emergency

Locate your main water shutoff valve

As a quick tip in line with such disaster prevention, all household members should know where the home’s main water shutoff valve is located and how to use it. If you live in the DC area, look near the perimeter of their homes or the basement for the shutoff valve.

Locate shutoff valves within your home

Most fixtures also have individual shutoff valves located in their supply lines. For toilets, the shutoff valve is located beneath the bowl near the wall where the commode is sitting. A sink’s shutoff valve is also located underneath the bowl. For a washing machine, look against the wall for two valves or a lever.

Turn off your shutoff valves

To turn off any of these valves, rotate the handle clockwise. Along with other simple plumbing system checks, these valves should be periodically checked. In case of an emergency, having access to these valves could help prevent a serious leak from turning into considerable water damage. 

Manage a leak

If you happen to experience a leak, in addition to turning off the main shutoff valve, drain the remaining water in the plumbing pipes by turning on all of the faucets in your home. It’s also important to clean up any excess water as soon as possible to prevent water damage, which should be done after contacting a Best Pick plumber.

Other Plumbing Requests

DC plumbing services

Our Best Pick plumbers can help solve common problems, such as dripping faucets and running toilets, as well as provide more advanced services, such as equipment installation and sewer line repair.

Water conservation

Many professional plumbers, including the DC Best Pick plumbing companies listed above, can also recommend and install water-saving, energy-efficient plumbing equipment and fixtures, which can decrease utility bills and conserve natural resources.

Fixtures such as low-flow faucets and showerheads can save on water usage while maintaining good pressure, and tankless water heaters are much more efficient than conventional units. Talk with your plumbing professional to determine if these and many more new options are a good fit for your home.

Water softeners

DC homes can suffer from hard water containing mineral content such as calcium and magnesium. The hardness of the water in DC varies based on the specific area and season, but it usually peaks in the summer months. To counteract this, DC plumbers recommend installing a water softening and conditioning system that can enhance the quality of your water.

The Best Pick for Plumbing Companies in Washington, DC

When it’s time to call in the experts, the Best Pick plumbers listed above provide top-rated plumbing services to homeowners living in Washington, DC. We’ve interviewed thousands of homeowners to find the best plumbers in your area and only recommend top-quality companies your neighbors have identified as providing exceptional service. Whether it’s a plumbing emergency or a plumbing update, you can rest assured knowing that our plumbers have been vetted and recommended by other DC homeowners like you.