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Kolb Electric has been a family-owned-and-operated company serving our customers locally for over 95 years. Our mission is to provide the best in quality and customer satisfaction on all jobs, big or small, from our family to yours.

Kolb Electric, Inc., is a full-service electrical contractor providing services that include troubleshooting, circuit breaker replacement, panel upgrades, and surge protection.
9th year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured Workers' Comp
At Bailey & Shipp Electric, customers still come first. From the time you call to schedule your appointment, you can count on the fact that you are our top priority. We believe in getting the job done correctly the first time and providing you with fair and honest service that we stand behind 100 percent.

Bailey & Shipp Electric is a full-service electrical company specializing in repairs, service, and maintenance for residential and commercial customers.
4th year as a Best Pick
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CroppMetcalfe was built on and continues to provide high-quality service, high-quality products, and complete customer satisfaction. Our most loyal customers have stayed with us for over 30 years. Our vision is to serve our customers with the goal of creating customers for life.

CroppMetcalfe offers residential and commercial electrical services including electrical inspections, outlet repair and replacement, breaker repair, and electrical panel upgrades.
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Whether you need to repair a damaged outlet, upgrade an electrical panel, or even rewire your whole house, you cannot do it without a professional electrician and the correct equipment. With the help of a skilled master electrician from Chesapeake Electric, you can finally get the work done correctly and on schedule.

Chesapeake Electric provides electrical services for ceiling, attic, and exhaust fans; recessed, landscape, and security lighting; generators; hot tub and pool wiring; smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; and electric car charging stations.

About Washington, DC Electrical Companies

Even though electricity is an integral part of our daily lives, we often don’t think about it when we flip on the television or turn on a light. But when something does go awry with your home’s electrical system, knowing exactly who to call for immediate help is priceless.

Don’t attempt electrical work on your own. Instead, rely on one of the experienced, reputable Best Pick electrical contractors in Washington, DC.

Services Offered by DC Electrical Contractors

Electrical repairs and inspections

Best Pick electricians can help troubleshoot any electrical issues you experience, from flickering lights to a tripping circuit breaker. They are also skilled at repairing broken switches and outlets.

If you’re on the fence about contacting an electrician, remember that DIY electrical work can have deadly consequences. Keep yourself and your family safe by calling an electrician if you notice any of the following at home:

  • A switch or receptacle (also referred to as an outlet) that no longer works
  • Breakers that keep tripping in your electrical panel
  • Electrical events that are out of the ordinary, such as flickering lights or power surges when using a household appliance

One of the best ways to avoid emergency repair is to maintain a regular inspection schedule with your electrician.

If you can’t remember the last time your home’s electrical system was looked at by a pro, or if you’ve never had an electrical inspection, now is a great time to schedule one. Many homes in DC have seen a century or more of American history, and while they’re true treasures, their electrical systems may not meet current safety codes.

An electrical inspection every five years is what most electricians recommend; however, you’ll need additional inspections if you renovate or add on to your home.

Electrical installations and upgrades

In addition to handling electrical problems and emergencies, DC electricians can also install new or upgraded electrical equipment. Whether you need a new subpanel for a home addition or wiring for new landscape lighting, Best Pick DC electricians have you covered.

Your DC electrician can also make your home safer and more energy efficient by bringing an older electrical system up to current code. Ask your electrical contractor about the following safety devices:

  • GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets and panel devices
  • AFCI (arc-fault circuit interrupter) outlets and panel devices
  • Tamper-resistant receptacles (TRRs)

GFCI and AFCI outlets and panel devices help protect you from electric shock and your home from electrical fires. TRRs help protect the littlest members of your family.

GFCI outlets have only been required since the 1970s, so if your home was built before then and hasn’t been extensively remodeled, you might be missing GFCI outlets in some key places.

AFCI protection is a relatively recent addition to the National Electric Code (NEC). In fact, if your home was constructed prior to 1999, you may not have AFCI outlets or panel devices at all. Talk to your electrician about installing an AFCI breaker on your home’s main electrical panel.

Tamper-resistant receptacles (TRRs) are also a newer addition to the NEC. These safety outlets look almost identical to standard power outlets, but TRRs are equipped with a pressure-sensitive cover that blocks the outlet slots. This cover opens only when equal pressure is applied to both slots at the same time.

TRRs are now required in renovations and new construction, but they’re a simple and relatively low-cost upgrade for any home—just ask your electrician.

The Best Pick for the Best Electricians in DC

Finding good home service providers—especially electrical contractors—can feel like embarking on the wildest of wild goose chases. That’s why the survey team at Best Pick Reports reaches out to DC homeowners each year to find the best electricians in the areas.

All Best Pick companies are vetted on an annual basis for high-quality work and outstanding customer service, and we verify all state-required licenses and insurance every year, too. This rigorous company qualification process ensures that the companies we recommend are indeed the best of the best. We’re proud to present this information in a clear, easy-to-navigate format.

Hire a Best Pick DC electrician for reliable, experienced service and an excellent experience from beginning to end—we guarantee it!