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13th year as a Best Pick
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We believe that there are many ways to repair and restore chimneys. We want to offer solutions that meet the customer's individual needs. At Winston's, we respect you and your property at the highest level. If we have been hired to do a job, we will treat it with the utmost professionalism.

Winston's offers masonry repair of chimneys, complete or partial rebuilds, tuck-pointing, chimney sweep services, chimney inspection, and the relining and resurfacing of fireplace, furnace, boiler, and water heater flues.
13th year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured Workers' Comp
We've spent 39 years building the perfect chimney company. Our masonry service is performed by real masons, not just chimney sweeps with trowels in their hands. We are not done until you are satisfied.

High's Chimney Service is a full-service masonry company offering residential chimney and fireplace construction, repair, rebuilding, repointing, video scan inspections, cleaning, and lining.
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Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured Workers' Comp
Rooftop Chimney Sweeps is on a mission to redefine the home services industry. Founded in 1978 by Andrew Raycroft, Rooftop is now run by his two sons who have built a company that delivers the informative experience of a small, owner-operated business with the capabilities and reliability of a large business.

Rooftop Chimney Sweeps inspects, cleans, repairs, and rebuilds chimneys.

About Washington, DC Chimney and Fireplace Companies

A cozy fall or winter’s night by the fire simply wouldn’t be possible without a fully functional chimney. And without proper maintenance, chimneys can actually become a serious fire hazard, so it’s important to keep them in tiptop shape. With the professional help of a Washington, DC chimney company, you can rest assured that many more cozy nights can be spent worry free around your fireplace and chimney.

Why have a chimney cleaning? The answer is simple: creosote. Creosote is the industry name for soot, the buildup that’s often created by fires. Creosote can act as fuel, so if there’s too much of it on your chimney’s interior, it can ignite. Chimney fires are known for spreading quickly into the roof and walls of a home, and creosote is the most common cause of chimney fires. While you can take steps to minimize the accumulation of creosote, it’s important to ensure the chimney’s proper functioning—and your home’s safety—with annual chimney inspections.

Chimneys should be inspected every year, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America. A qualified DC-area chimney company will be able to perform every level of inspection—from the basic Level I inspection to the more extensive procedures of Level III. An EBSCO Research Best Pick™ DC chimney cleaner can clean your chimney, update or repair its components, and make your home safer.