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Articles in Duct Cleaning
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Have you noticed your house getting dusty more quickly than usual lately? Are your utility bills slowly creeping up each month? Dirty ductwork and HVAC system components may be to blame. If your home is older or has experienced significant water damage, consider ...
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Dust, which consists of itty-bitty particles of just about everything, remains the undefeatable foe of housecleaning—there is simply no way to eliminate it. Nevertheless, preventing dust buildup is essential because all those seemingly harmless dust bunnies can actually be bad...
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HVAC systems rely on air filters to remove dust and allergens from the air. If the filter isn’t changed regularly, the system will struggle to draw in air through the clogged screen, and a buildup of particles can also accumulate in the coils...
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Looking to boost energy efficiency, many homeowners are quick to turn to obvious culprits like poor insulation and out-of-date windows and doors. The source of energy loss, however, can also lie in the largely hidden ductwork that distributes hot and cold air throughout homes using forced-air HVAC systems.
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