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We always send a two-man crew. In many cases, that means we get the job done in half the time. We also ensure that the entire system is working well and delivering proper coverage. Our mission is to provide the highest-quality customer service available, delivered with professionalism, integrity, friendliness, and personal pride.

Andy's Sprinkler offers comprehensive sprinkler services, including repairs and maintenance, system tune-ups, drip irrigation installation and repair, and sprinkler rerouting.
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Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured
CGreens is a full-service company that does more than just give your yard a professional, manicured appearance. Since 1980, we've strived to enhance the value of your investment and improve the health and beauty of your property. From sprinklers and drainage to landscaping and maintenance, CGreens is your one-call provider.

CGreens designs, installs, repairs, and performs maintenance on residential and commercial irrigation systems.

About Metro-Dallas Sprinkler Systems Companies

Proper watering is the only path to a verdant lawn. And while many homeowners want a luscious patch of green in front of their homes, some are incapable of lugging around awkward hoses and sprinklers, while others would simply rather do more important things. These homeowners opt instead for automatic sprinkler systems. Dallas residents, especially, must be vigilant of their lawn’s moisture levels, due to Texas’s unrelenting summer heat. Sprinkler systems, then, are a natural choice for metroplex homeowners who want a hassle-free solution to their lawn-watering problems.

While sprinkler systems are generally low maintenance, it’s important to keep in mind that, if your system is to run smoothly and efficiently, the proper sprinkler heads must be installed in the proper places. Installing the wrong type of head or installing the heads too far apart can greatly reduce system efficiency and performance. Sadly, because these practices also reduce the cost and amount of work required to install the system, some less-than-reputable contractors install cheap systems with the wrong type of sprinkler heads and/or too few of them. When you’re evaluating proposals, make sure to compare them with this in mind.

As you might imagine, the lawn-sprinkler business is highly cyclical. Most companies are extremely busy in the middle of the summer, but have little work during the off-season. If you’re planning to install a system, it would be beneficial to do so then.

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Best Pick Reports serves the Dallas metroplex across several counties including Dallas County, Collin County, Denton County, and Tarrant County. Best Pick contractors serve many localities within this region including Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Irving, Grapevine, and Southlake. To find the best listings for your home, enter your ZIP code in the prompt above the company listings.

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