Earlier this week, we discussed the details of three popular types of siding—vinyl, wood, and fiber-cement. Today, we’ll look into three additional siding ideas that you may not have heard as much about.

Metal Siding

MetalThe popularity of metal siding has lessened because of advancements in vinyl siding technology. Nonetheless, it is still an excellent option for homeowners in search of a durable, maintenance-free product. Lightweight aluminum siding can be installed quickly, and paint can be applied and baked on by the manufacturer. This eliminates the need to pay for painting after the siding is installed. Aluminum and steel siding are difficult to dent or scratch, but keep in mind that dents that do occur are almost impossible to remove. If the siding is scratched, it’s important to cover the scratch immediately with exterior paint to avoid rust or corrosion. Metal siding has a long lifespan and will last the life of your home.

Engineered Wood Siding

You may have heard of engineered wood flooring, but similar technology is now available for siding, too. Engineered wood siding, made of plywood panels, is a lower-cost alternative to traditional cedar or redwood siding. Siding panels can be textured to suit a homeowner’s preferences, and the house can be painted just like it would be with real wood siding. Engineered wood siding will need to be repainted every five to ten years to protect the wood, and you can expect to replace it after 20 to 30 years.  

Brick Veneer

BrickIf your home wasn’t originally constructed with a brick exterior, a brick veneer is an excellent option to give your home a sophisticated look. Brick veneer is sometimes described as a thin layer of brick, but it actually is a single layer of standard brick that is built onto a wooden frame. The brick-covered frame is then anchored to the exterior of the home. Brick veneer is much less expensive than a solid brick exterior, but it looks just as nice. If you choose a brick veneer for your home’s exterior update, you’ll reap many of the same benefits as your neighbor with a solid brick home—virtually no maintenance and unparalleled resistance to termites and fire. Updating the exterior of your home can be a large, costly job, so it’s important to investigate all the options available to you before making a decision. Regardless of the siding product you choose, however, you’ll certainly see a return on your investment, and as a bonus, your home will look brand-new.

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