A house is one thing, but home is where the heart is. A few simple yet classic design tips can turn your family’s house into a wonderfully decadent home that’s memorable for both family and guests. Keep reading for some tips and tricks on great room designs for the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. See what you can do to make your house a more inviting and captivating home.

The Best Living Room Design Tips

birds-eye view of neatly designed living roomWhen you’re transforming your house into a timeless home, the living room is a great place to start, and we have some great living room designs ready to go. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Paint your floors. The living room floor is home to many things—pets sleeping by the fireplace, kids playing in front of the television, or even just your favorite rug. With all the traffic your living room floor is seeing, don’t let it be the dullest part of the house.

When painting your floors, consider the classics; a good stained finish is always a great way to spruce up your floors. If staining isn’t your thing, then consider a classic color. White is usually a great choice, depending on your color scheme. But, a dark blue will look great year-round. If you have hardwood floors, consider refinishing them with these tips.

  • Use your space. One error some people make when designing their living rooms is to simply fill the space. Make sure the items in your living room are as useful as they are beautiful. If you have hard floors, a great place to start might be to invest in a nice rug. A rug can really warm up a cold, slippery concrete or wood floor.
  • Find the option that is right for you. There is no one way to fill a room. Rather than following popular trends, choose a design that fits your space well. For a modern design, consider a black-and-white color scheme. Always in style, the dichotomous colors will give your home a sharp, sophisticated look.

The Best Kitchen Design Tips

luxury kitchen with cherry wood and marble countertopThe kitchen is the lifeblood of many people’s homes. Keep your kitchen fresh and vibrant with these kitchen interior design ideas:

  • Update your kitchen’s lighting. More than a utility, your lighting says a lot about your home. Provide the lighting that best suits your needs and style. Consider using bright lighting around your workstation, with dimmer lighting surrounding the kitchen.
  • Make it accessible. Your kitchen is constantly flowing with traffic. Creating a work triangle is one of the most useful tools in kitchen design. Additionally, your workstation in the kitchen should be smooth, accessible, and filled with awesome kitchen decor.
  • Pick a kitchen design that fits your home. Just like the living room, your kitchen is your own to customize. When deciding what ideas work best for your space, consider the design of the rest of your home, and make sure your kitchen complements it.

The Best Bathroom Design Tips

bathroom with grey walls and counter topWhen designing your home, don’t forget about the bathroom. Refining your bathroom’s interior design can create a more comfortable environment for your family and friends. Pay attention to these bathroom design tips:

  • Keep your design consistent. It’s easy to go willy-nilly with your designs when you have a lot of ideas. You could end up with a modern kitchen, a rustic living room, and a contemporary bathroom, and the massive shift in atmosphere from room to room might be disorienting. Ensure that your design stays consistent by choosing complementary room decor ideas.
  • Tidy up. It’s easy to overlook, but a spotless bathroom can go a long way in improving your home’s aesthetic. Keep your bathroom neat and fresh for better home design.
  • Make sure your design is optimized for your needs. You’ll likely want to choose a master bath design that’s completely different from the design you used in your child’s bathroom or your guest bathroom. Go with a bathroom design that works best for the room’s purpose.

Some of these design tips are simple enough to be completed yourself. If you’re embarking on a larger design change in any of these rooms, however, consult the help of an experienced professional. In no time, you’ll be able to enjoy your home for many years.