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Articles in Energy Audits
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Learning how to be green is a worthwhile yet oftentimes intimidating endeavor, but you truly can begin with just a few simple steps. Now that you’re aware of some ways to go green at home, it should be a bit easier to adopt some of the following green habits while you’re ...
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Do-it-yourself home energy audits require a little time, ingenuity, and know-how. Part one of this blog listed six, key, energy-efficiency areas that should be checked. But testing your home is just the first step of the process. In order to truly reap the benefits of a home energy...
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A home energy audit is an absolute necessity for homeowners who are interested in saving money, helping the environment, and creating a more comfortable home. With a few tools and a little know-how, homeowners can perform their own energy audit...
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Most homeowners can easily tell when they have an energy efficiency problem, the most noticeable signs including drafts, high energy bills, and an HVAC system that seems to take...
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