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For 29 years, Power Home Remodeling has been the most trusted name in exterior remodeling: trusted because we care about our products being energy efficient and cost effective; trusted because we value integrity, honesty, and true craftsmanship; and trusted because we believe in total customer satisfaction.

Power Home Remodeling specializes in exterior remodeling services, offering roof and siding replacement, window and door replacement, and attic insulation.

About Siding Contractors in New Jersey

Siding is your home’s protector from the elements, so make sure to select the right material and maintain it properly so it can provide the best protection possible.

Your New Jersey home sees a significant amount of snow every winter, and your siding needs to be able to stand up to the cycle of freezing and thawing.

Whether you need all new siding installed or a simple repair, you can rest assured that a Best Pick New Jersey siding contractor is qualified to help. We’ve vetted all our Best Picks so you don’t have to.

New Jersey Siding Contractors

Keep an eye out for these signs of issues with your siding:

  • Warping
  • Cracks and gaps
  • Mold and mildew
  • Dry rot
  • Peeling paint inside your home
  • High heating and cooling bills

If your siding is rotting or allowing moisture to get inside your home, these serious issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to inspect your siding regularly so you can catch any problems early.

Siding materials

Inevitably, your siding will need to be replaced. At this point, you’ll want to look at the different siding material options available and figure out what works for your budget, climate, and home style.

Common siding materials include:

  • Vinyl
  • Fiber cement siding
  • Wood
  • Engineered wood

  • Vinyl siding is cost effective, durable, and resistant to rot, UV damage, and pests. High-end vinyl siding comes in a range of textures, colors, and styles. Insulated vinyl siding is also available, which helps conserve energy.

    Made of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers, fiber cement siding is highly durable, resistant to harsh weather, noncombustible, and resistant to pests and rot. It comes in a wide variety of textures, styles, and colors. It can also be repainted.

    Wood siding is not used as much as it once was, but it is still available. Oak, pine, redwood, and red cedar are popular species for wood siding. With regular maintenance, which includes painting or staining and sealing every two to five years, wood siding can last from 20 to 40 years.

    Engineered wood siding, made of resins and wood fibers, is a new and more durable alternative to wood siding. It resists insect damage, rot, and extreme weather conditions, and it only requires occasional rinses with water to remove dirt.

    Brick, stone, and stucco are additional house cladding options that are highly durable. Each has its own pros and cons and maintenance requirements.

    Siding installation

    Don’t expect your siding installation to be completed in just one day. There are many steps involved in the process prior to installation, and it takes time to align and affix the siding planks properly.

    First, your siding contractor will remove the existing siding. While the wall beneath is exposed, the siding installers will inspect it for signs of rot and water damage. If the wall needs repairs, these will be addressed next.

    A moisture barrier will be installed next. And finally, before the main bulk of the siding material is installed, your siding contractor will install corner posts, window trim, the starter strip, and other smaller detailed pieces.

    After the job is done, finishing touches such as your house numbers and decorative trim go up and debris is cleared away. The siding company should leave your property clean and free from hazards.

    You can expect this process to take approximately two weeks from start to finish. Ask your contractor for a timeline estimate and for them to walk you through all the preparation, installation, and cleanup steps so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

    The Best Picks for New Jersey Siding Companies

    The survey team at Best Pick Reports contacts New Jersey homeowners each year to find the best siding companies in the area. All Best Pick companies must adhere to our strict quality standards to maintain their status as a Best Pick, which is why we conduct our research annually.

    We’re proud to present the findings of our objective research in a clear, easy-to-navigate format that helps you find the right siding installer for your needs. Contact a Best Pick New Jersey siding company today to make sure that your siding replacement or repair is handled by a pro. You’ll be pleased with the entire experience—we guarantee it!