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Paneless is the premier deep cleaning company of the Dallas metroplex, leading the way by investing in first-class products, high-end equipment, and certified technicians. No games, no hidden charges, just clean. Guaranteed.

Paneless Home Services restores and polishes marble surfaces.

About Dallas Marble Polishing & Restoration Companies

The beauty of natural stone is hard to beat, and marble is especially stunning. Although it’s a relatively soft stone, marble can be used in a variety of applications around the house. Marble floors and countertops lend a classic elegance to any home.

Natural stone is durable, but that doesn’t mean that it’s maintenance-free. Marble dulls over time, and depending on whether and how often the surface is sealed, it is vulnerable to stains and discoloration.

If you’ve noticed that the marble in your Dallas home has lost its luster, call a professional to bring it back to life. Experienced pros have the tools and products to ensure that the job goes smoothly the first time.

Marble Refinishing Services in Dallas

If the marble in your home isn’t as shiny as it once was, schedule a professional refinishing service. Marble dulls from dirt and grime that collects on its surface over years of use (and foot traffic, in the case of flooring).

Luckily, polishing a marble surface—as long as it hasn’t been cracked or otherwise damaged—is a relatively straightforward service. Here’s what to expect:

  1. First, the surface will be thoroughly cleaned to remove layers of oil, grime, and dirty buildup. Don’t try to do this step on your own; most household cleaners will damage marble.
  2. Once the marble is clean, the technician will hone the surface to restore its luster. The honing process removes any water marks and shallow scratches or etchings.
  3. Finally, the technician will finish the marble’s surface by either honing it to a matte luster or polishing it to a glassy shine. Both finishes are beautiful; however, a shiny surface does require more frequent maintenance.

Keep your newly refinished marble surfaces looking great by regularly cleaning them with warm water and a small amount of gentle soap.

Dallas Marble Restoration Services

Some marble surfaces may develop stains, deep scratches and etch marks, and uneven areas. In these cases, you’ll need a full marble restoration service. Restoration is more labor intensive than a straightforward polishing service, but it’s the best course of action for marble that has been damaged or poorly maintained.

Although the exact products and equipment may differ slightly from company to company, here are the basic steps you can expect your technician to take:

  1. The technician will first grind the surface to even any rough spots and remove deep scratches and embedded stains. If the surface is made of marble tiles, this step will ensure that all the tiles are the same height.
  2. Next, the technician will hone the marble. This step makes the stone’s surface shine.
  3. After honing, the technician will polish the surface. If you prefer a shiny, mirrored finish, this third step is important. If you prefer your marble to have a matte look, let your technician know that you want a honed finish.

If the marble has been chipped, cracked, gouged, or otherwise damaged, the technician will repair those areas as part of the restoration process.

The Best Picks for the Top Marble Restoration Companies in Dallas

Marble floors, countertops, and other surfaces are gorgeous, and choosing the right company to maintain them is essential to keeping those surfaces looking great (and protecting your investment).

Finding experienced, reputable home service providers can be difficult, and that’s why the Best Pick Reports survey team reaches out to Dallas homeowners each year to find the best marble polishing companies in your area.

All Best Pick companies are fully vetted on an annual basis to ensure that they provide high-quality work and outstanding customer service. We verify all state-required licenses and insurance every year, too. Our rigorous company qualification process means that the companies we recommend truly are the best of the best, and we’re proud to present that information in an easy-to-navigate format.

When you work with a Best Pick marble polishing and restoration company in Dallas, you’ll be pleased with the entire experience from beginning to end—we guarantee it.

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