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Whether it's the largest skyscraper or the smallest home remodel, we provide both quality products and expert installation. With over 30 years of experience here in the Puget Sound area, no one services our customers' needs better than Insulation Northwest.

Insulation Northwest installs and repairs all types of insulation, including spray foam and fiberglass batt insulation.
1st year as a Best Pick
Best Pick Guaranteed Licensed Insured Workers' Comp
Guardian Roofing, Gutters & Insulation is a local, family-owned company. We don't just work on roofs, we believe in building relationships. We consider our customers family. Guardian Roofing, Gutters & Insulation is big enough to handle any job, yet small enough to respond quickly to your needs.

Guardian Roofing, Gutters & Insulation specializes in spray foam, fiberglass, cellulose, and cotton attic insulation as well as insulation removal.

About Insulation Companies in Seattle

Proper insulation will make your home in Seattle more comfortable and reduce energy costs. A professional insulation contractor will know what type of insulation is right for your home and Seattle’s local climate and weather conditions.

Seattle Insulation Services

Types of insulation

There are different types of insulation that are suited to different purposes.

Fiberglass insulation comes in batts, rolls, or blankets. Batts fit between wall studs, rolls can be laid out on attic floors, and blankets are used to insulate crawl space or basement ceilings.

Loose fill is often used in attics, where it can be blown in, fitting well around pipes. Loose fill comes in both cellulose and fiberglass varieties.

Foam insulation, or closed-cell foam insulation, can be applied in many different parts of the structure and comes in expanding and nonexpanding forms. Some types are designed to resist mold and water damage.

Cellulose insulation is a loose-fill material that is blown into spaces. A lot of cellulose insulation is made from primarily recycled materials.

Radiant barriers are films or foils that reflect radiant heat. These are usually installed in the attic on the underside of roof rafters.

Signs of poor insulation

If your home is poorly insulated, you may see the following indicators:

  • High utility bills. In a poorly sealed and inadequately insulated home, air escapes through small openings. This means the HVAC system works harder, using more energy and shortening its lifespan.
  • Dusty rooms. If air is flowing in and out of the house due to inadequate insulation, this can lead to increased levels of dust in the home.
  • Ice dams. A poorly insulated home loses a lot of heat through the roof during winter months. Snow on the roof melts from the warm air and then refreezes on the edge of the roof.
  • Hot and cold spots. If you are experiencing uneven temperatures inside your home, this may be a sign of inadequate insulation.

The Best Picks for Seattle Insulation Companies

Finding an experienced, reputable insulation contractor isn’t easy, and that’s why the Best Pick Reports survey team reaches out to Seattle homeowners each year to find the best insulation companies near you.

Every Best Pick company is fully vetted on a yearly basis to ensure that they provide high-quality work and excellent customer service. Our company qualification process means that the companies we recommend are the best of the best, and we’re proud to present the results of our surveys in a format that is clear and easy to navigate.

When you work with a Best Pick insulation contractor in Seattle, you’ll have a great experience—we guarantee it.