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Our customers come first. Our goal is to make every person we work with not only satisfied, but happy. We care for our customers like family; if you aren't 100 percent satisfied, we aren't either. Our mission is to solve your pest problems as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Aard Pest Control, LLC, offers residential and commercial exclusion, elimination, prevention, and inspection for a variety of pests, including termites, ants, rodents, bedbugs, spiders, roaches, fleas, ticks, stink bugs, bees, and wasps.
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At Eastside Exterminators, we prioritize the health and safety of your family (and our environment) with 100 percent non-toxic rodent solutions and eco-responsible insect control. We've been protecting homes in the Puget Sound for over 54 years; let us protect yours today.

Eastside Exterminators provides eco-friendly residential and commercial pest control services.
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PURCOR Pest Solutions is your go-to local pest control expert. Our locally managed and staffed team is dedicated to offering pest control solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our community. With PURCOR, you'll experience a new era of pest management that combines local understanding with robust expertise.

About Pest & Termite Control Companies in Seattle

Seattle pests can be very hard to control because of the temperate climate in the Pacific Northwest. Warmer winters and dry summers both contribute to the difficulty, since rodents, ants, and ticks thrive year-round. In other areas of the country, cold winters kill off and control many pests, but in Seattle, prolonged cold weather doesn't occur regularly enough to allow for passive pest control.

The most common and intrusive pests in the area are rats, mice, bedbugs, cockroaches, wasps, and bees. Wood-destroying pests, such as termites, carpenter ants, and beetles, are also common and can do terrible damage to homes in the Seattle area.

Because the climate adds difficulty in controlling pests, it is important to use a multi-pronged method of pest control. While the comfy climate in Seattle is also perfect for many pests, it is extremely important to do your part in keeping pests at bay. It is also essential to contact a pest control company if you notice pests in your home or yard.

Termite and Pest Control Companies in Seattle

Common pests in the Seattle area

Many pests are abundant in Seattle due to the perfect mix of rain and comfortable temperatures. Aside from the typical ants and roaches that crop up anywhere and everywhere, Seattle is especially attractive to subterranean termites, rats, and nuisance wildlife.

Most insects can be controlled with chemical applications; rodents and other nuisance wildlife must be controlled by both elimination and exclusion. Pests can cause disease and destroy your home, especially in the case of rodents. Not only do rats and mice damage a home's structure, their waste can also carry diseases, such as hantavirus, that pose a serious health risk to humans.

Sharing space with pests may be part of life in the Pacific Northwest region, but it isn't necessary to share your home or property. Contacting a local pest control company is crucial to keeping your house pest-free, as is doing your part in deterring these unwanted visitors.

Pest treatments available

Your pest control technician will recommend the best course of action based on the specific types of pests you're dealing with, whether or not your household includes children or pets, and your personal preferences.

Mice and rats

  • Bait stations
  • Traps
  • Access point exclusion
  • Fumigation (typically a last resort)

Interior and exterior insects

  • Bait stations
  • Chemical deterrents
  • Humane colony removal and relocation (typically reserved for pollinators)
  • Homeowner lifestyle and habit changes

Many pest control companies offer less toxic, green chemicals to eliminate and deter pests. Environmentally safe products have been formulated to work with less or no toxicity to humans and household pets, but it is still best to stay away from application sites until a professional advises otherwise.

The two most important measures in pest elimination and prevention are you and pest control services. Keep living areas and yards free of garbage and food items, and use regular pest control maintenance services to keep the pests away. Pest control companies typically offer service plans to make the process easier.

The Best Picks for the Top Pest Control Companies in Seattle

An experienced and reputable pest and termite control professional is essential to a critter-free home, but finding the right company isn't always easy. The survey team at Best Pick Reports conducts annual research by reaching out to Seattle homeowners for their experiences with pest control companies in the area. We find the best pest and termite control companies near you so that you can make your choice based on actual reviews and ratings.

All Best Pick companies are researched and analyzed fully on a yearly basis to ensure that they provide high-quality work and excellent customer service. Our company qualification process means that the companies we recommend are the best of the best, and we're proud to present the results of our surveys in a format that is clear and easy to navigate.

When you work with a Best Pick pest & termite control company in Seattle, you'll have a great experience—we guarantee it.