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Atlas Glass & Mirror, established in 1991, installs glass and performs a variety of related services, including replacing antique mirror glass, installing window glass, and boarding up windows and doors in an emergency. We offer emergency service 24 hours per day and conduct estimates at no charge to the customer. We serve residential and commercial clients.


About Boston Glass Installation and Repair Companies

Glass installation or repair requires a lot of skill and should only be done by a professional. Cracked glass—whether in a window, door, or piece of furniture—can be dangerous, so rather than attempting a repair, replacement is the best course of action. 

On its own, glass does not provide much insulation, so homes with single-pane windows will probably not be very energy efficient. Double-pane, energy-efficient windows can help reduce utility bills by a significant margin. Look for window products that are ENERGY STAR rated—they will be the most efficient and result in the most dramatic reduction in energy loss. Double-pane windows have a layer of air or gas between the two pieces of glass to provide insulation. Over time, some amount of moisture will seep between the panes and break the seal. Since it is virtually impossible to clean and reseal the window, in these cases, it is best to look into window glass replacement services. To learn more about your options for glass replacement, installation, and repair, contact a Best Pick listed below.