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For three generations, our family has provided high-quality, low-cost foundation repairs with a lifetime transferable warranty. Our Certified Foundation Repair Specialist will perform a thorough inspection of your property, explain all your options, and provide a detailed written report.

Dura Pier Foundation Repair installs Dura Lock steel-reinforced pressed pilings, helical piers, steel pressed pilings, and deep-drilled bell bottom piers for homes and businesses.

About Austin Foundation Repair Companies

Minor issues such as a small crack running across the ceiling, a sticking window, or a squeaky door are often signs of much larger foundation problems. Continued foundation settling can lead to cracked fireplaces, ruptured water and utility lines, and other serious structural damage. Many metroplex homes sit on clay soil, which dampens or dries up depending on the season and climate, but there are several repair solutions available for each, unique foundation trouble. Dallas foundation repair companies now install steel piers in major problem areas underneath the foundation to redistribute and support the structure’s weight as the most common solution.

There are generally two types of piers: helical piers and push or resistance piers. Helical piers screw into the earth below the foundation until they find and fasten to load-bearing soil or bedrock to redistribute the load of the home. Push or resistance piers also attach to packed soil or bedrock, but they allow the home’s weight to sit on top of the newfound support. Other factors such as improper drainage and gutter overflow can erode soil around the home and can be evaluated by a foundation repair authority. Homeowners should contact a local specialist to assess the state of the foundation if there is even the slightest question of settling foundation. The Best Pick Reports research singled out the top Dallas foundation repair companies.