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You deserve a safe and reliable home. Get the job done right the first time with outstanding customer service from a Twin Cities top-rated electrician. Outlets, fans, lighting, smoke detectors, switches, service panels, EV chargers, and more. Your full-service electrician.

About Metro-Minneapolis Electricians

When something goes wrong with one of your home’s major systems, getting expert help should be at the top of your priority list. DIY electrical work, in particular, can have deadly consequences if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

Too much is at stake for you to serve as your own electrician. Let the pros do the work, whether you need a major electrical repair , a straightforward light fixture installation, or something in between.

Services Provided by Minneapolis Electricians

Electrical contractors in Minneapolis can help with a wide range of routine tasks and specialized services. In addition to standard services, such as installation of lighting, outlets, switches, and generators; rewiring; and whole-house surge protection, ask your electrician about the following services:

  • Main electrical panel replacements and upgrades
  • Audiovisual, data, and phone wiring
  • Wiring and outlet installation for pools, hot tubs, and household appliances
  • 24/7 emergency service

Always have electrical work done by an experienced electrician who holds a current Illinois electrician’s license.

Electrical repair services

Electrical problems can seem to appear out of nowhere at times, but the important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t delay having an electrician inspect even the smallest issues.

The majority of your home’s electrical system is hidden by walls, after all, so problems can quickly progress to full-blown catastrophes without any obvious signs. Being safe rather than sorry is always the better choice.

Be mindful of the following signs that something has gone wrong with your home’s electrical system:

  • Circuit breakers, fuses, or GFCI/AFCI outlets that trip consistently (or trip immediately after being reset)
  • Power outlets and light switches that spark, make buzzing or popping noises, are hot to the touch, or smell odd
  • Power surges or flickering lights when you turn on a household appliance

These issues are all clues that the amount of electricity flowing through the circuits in your home isn’t right. Too much current in a circuit that isn’t protected (or that is inadequately protected) by a circuit breaker can cause wires to overheat and catch fire.

And while a breaker that trips from time to time may not alarm you, pay attention to how often it happens. If the same breaker trips over and over again, call an electrician to investigate the problem. Do the same if a breaker trips and will not stay in the open position after being reset.

Electrical safety inspections

If you’re fortunate enough to have not experienced any electrical problems at home, an electrical safety inspection probably isn’t on your home maintenance radar. The reality, however, is that electrical problems can occur with very few signs, so periodic electrical inspections are important to keeping your house safe.

Most electricians recommend a safety inspection every five years, or more often if you renovate or notice problems.

Here’s a list of tasks your electrician will do during a typical safety inspection:

  • Check the main electrical panel and any subpanels for correct installation, sufficient size, and accurate labeling
  • Inspect the electrical service meter outside your house
  • Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Test GFCI and AFCI outlets and main panel devices
  • Identify and offer solutions for all electrical safety hazards

If your electrician does find issues, ask him or her to rank them on a scale of “must address immediately” to “fix when convenient.” This will help you prioritize the work and budget accordingly.