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Pacific Heating & Cooling is 'Washington's Leader in Home Comfort.' Our company's mission is to achieve a win-win-win for our team members, customers, and the company by providing safe, reliable, and efficient home comfort systems.
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At Hunt's Services, we do not believe that we have customers, we have family. This mentality compels us to serve first by approaching any situation with positivity and by putting the needs and wants of our family before our own. We hope to demonstrate these core values to you so you can 'Experience the Hunt's Difference'.

Hunt's Services offers air duct and dryer vent cleaning as well as sanitation services for residential customers.
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As a local, veteran-owned, and family-operated small business, Pristine Air Services has your family's best interest in mind. Whether you need routine maintenance or repairs on your HVAC system or duct or dryer vent cleaning done right by a NADCA-certified professional, we are your trusted provider in Pierce and South King counties.

Pristine Air Services provides air duct cleaning, sealing, repair, replacement, and installation.

About Duct Cleaning Services in Seattle

Seattle's rainy climate means that indoor air quality is a hot topic. The mold and mildew that flourish in humidity can easily find their way inside your home, and mold in your duct system can cause health issues.

Aside from fungal growth, duct systems can trap other contaminants that can affect your health, such as dust, insects, and debris. It's a great idea to have your HVAC and duct system cleaned every seven to ten years.

If you notice any of the following signs of less-than-ideal indoor air quality, contact a duct cleaning company to inspect your system:

  • Visible mold inside your ducts or other parts of the HVAC system
  • Pests inside your ducts
  • Supply registers releasing dust or debris

If you suspect that mold is present in your ductwork, the contractor will test the substance to confirm it is in fact mold. Once mold is confirmed, your ducts will need to be cleaned along with all other components of your HVAC system. If the mold is extensive enough, sections of the ductwork may need to be replaced. Whatever caused the mold growth must also be corrected or removed immediately.

When you contact a duct cleaning contractor, make sure they will clean all of the components of the HVAC system (and that they're qualified to complete this type of work). Failure to clean all of the components of your HVAC system will cause all of the contaminants to be reintroduced into the duct system.

The parts of your HVAC system that should be cleaned along with the ducts are:

  • Supply and return air ducts and registers
  • Heat exchanger and cooling coils
  • Drip pan
  • Fan motor housing
  • Air handling unit housing

A thorough cleaning of the entire system will remove bacteria, dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, lint, and other debris. This can help alleviate the symptoms of asthma and allergies and improve indoor air quality and HVAC system efficiency.

Seattle Air Duct Cleaning Companies

While most duct cleaning companies do a great job, it is very important that you ask up front what their duct cleaning services include. It is best to have duct cleaning done by a contractor that is trained to work with the HVAC system as a whole. A complete cleaning consists of all components of the HVAC system.

When will you need duct cleaning services?

There are a few times, other than every seven to ten years, when duct cleaning should be done:

  • When moving into a newly constructed home
  • When your home has been renovated
  • When you have found animal or insects in the duct system
  • When mold is present
  • When noticeable pet hair and debris is being released into the home through the air registers
  • When you have unexplained and prolonged allergy-related illnesses that have not been controlled through other home decontamination methods

You can help keep your system healthy by following some maintenance practices:

  • Use high-quality air filters in your HVAC unit
  • Change the filters regularly
  • Have air coils and drain pans cleaned regularly
  • Cover supply and return registers during construction and renovation
  • Turn your HVAC system off until construction dust and debris have been cleaned and removed from your home
  • Vacuum your home regularly

The duct cleaning process

When a contractor comes in to clean your air ducts, the cleaning process should take place in every room where an air duct or air return exists. The contractor will follow these steps:

  • Floors, doorways, and walls will be covered
  • The area will be contained using plastic sheeting
  • A van-mounted air moving system will be used to create negative air flow inside your home's ductwork
  • Contaminants will be forced out through the only exit point, a large hose running from the ductwork through the window or door and out to a collection device on the truck

Once the air system is set up, scrubbing tools are fed through the vent lines, cleaning out ducts and forcing dust and debris out of your home. After the duct system is cleaned out, the technicians will clean the air returns. Finally, the furnace and air conditioning systems are cleaned out. Blower fans, combustion chambers, electric motors, and cabinets are cleaned using a vacuum and compressed air.

The Best Picks for Top-Rated Seattle Duct Cleaning Companies

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When you work with a Best Pick duct cleaning contractor in Seattle, you'll have a great experience—we guarantee it.