Overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning your entire home from top to bottom? No one ever said spring cleaning had to be done in one weekend, so take your time checking tasks off your chore list. We’ve divided all the essential spring cleaning chores into the four weekends in April.

Follow our guide, and by the end of the month, you’ll have a pristine home without sacrificing all of your free time.

Weekend 1: Bedrooms and Closets

hands flipping a mattressOpen the windows, press play on your favorite album or podcast, and start stripping beds. Everything needs a turn in the washing machine, including duvet covers, pillows, decorative pillow shams, bed skirts, and mattress pads.

Flip and vacuum the mattress. While you’re at it, take down any curtains or removable window treatments and follow the cleaning instructions on the fabric tag.

While the bed linens are in the washer and dryer, tackle the closets, including those in the hall and entryway. It’s easy to forget exactly what is stored in each closet, so begin by taking everything out. Check out these tips for organizing what you want to keep, and commit to donating or selling the items you no longer need.

Vacuum the floors, and contact a Best Pick if you need help getting stains out of carpet or rugs.

Weekend 2: Kitchen

woman cleaning kitchen countertopsKitchen appliances can get pretty filthy over the course of a year, so begin there. Microwave a bowl of water and vinegar to clean your microwave in a matter of minutes.

Clean out the refrigerator and freezer, pitching anything that is empty, almost empty, expired, or has otherwise gone bad. Thoroughly wipe down the shelves and drawers.

Make an inventory of the pantry and organize the items you plan to keep. Donate or give away to friends and family any pantry items that aren’t expired but that you and your family won’t eat. Sweep the shelves and pantry floor.

Give the kitchen countertops a thorough cleaning. Be sure to remove any small appliances, utensil crocks, knife blocks, and knickknacks first.

Don’t forget the kitchen sink—it’s one of the dirtiest spots in your house. While you’re there, take a look at the cabinet under the sink. Clean it out and organize the items stored there.

Wipe down cabinet doors, and disinfect doorknobs, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles.

Lastly, mop the floor.

Weekend 3: Bathrooms

closeup of woman's hands cleaning bathtubThoroughly clean the sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet. Be sure to inspect the showerhead—if your area has hard water, the showerhead may need to be soaked in vinegar to remove mineral deposits.

Send any rugs or curtains through the washing machine, and dust all surfaces.

Sort through the items stored in the medicine cabinet or vanity, and toss any expired medication, cosmetics, or other toiletries. Restock toilet paper, paper towels, and extra towels.

Clean the mirror, wipe down the door handle, and mop the floor.

Weekend 4: Common Spaces

man cleaning wooden window blindsLaunder any throw blankets, small rugs, and washable curtains and throw pillows.

Dust any window treatments that can’t be taken down and washed. Check out this article for the easiest way to clean blinds.

Vacuum and spot-clean couches and chairs, and call a Best Pick if you encounter stains or fabric types that need more involved care.

Dust all surfaces, including shelving, lamps, the fireplace mantel, and any electronics. Grab an extendable duster to remove cobwebs lurking in the corners.

Inventory your family’s collection of books, movies, and magazines. Donate the items that you and your family no longer want.

Clean the carpet, and mop any hard-surface flooring.

The promise of warmer weather may have you itching to get organized, but don’t lose steam by biting off more than you can chew. Tackle your house one weekend at a time, and welcome spring with a clean, organized home.