It’s that time of year when you might have guests over at a moment’s notice and you’re expecting someone at your home every weekend. Accommodating all of these people, be they friends or family, can be quite the task. Aside from the usual considerations of food, drink, and entertainment, be sure to make enough sleep space available in order to be “the host with the most.”

Corralling the Kids

4 bunk beds in green roomIf you’re hosting younger children, they’ll usually want to hang out with each other for the majority of their stay. A trundle bed is a great, space-efficient option for a sleepover or a longer stay since you’ll have two beds for the space of one. 

If you have some extra time on your hands, you can make one yourself, but if not, consider buying one as an early holiday gift for your family members (and yourself). You might also want to consider bunk beds as a longer-term solution. 

If you’re working on a really limited time budget, you can buy inflatable air mattresses, which can be stored to save room and brought out to create more sleeping areas for guests who want to share space.

Giving the Guests Bedrooms

home office with desk and daybedIf you have more guests than guest bedrooms, consider using other rooms, such as an office, to create a temporary guest bedroom. Dual-purpose furniture in those rooms can easily provide a sleeping place for your guests. 

A futon makes a great temporary bed for someone who doesn’t have back problems, and futons can also be folded up into a sitting position when your guest isn’t sleeping. Another versatile piece of furniture is a daybed (similar to, but different from, a trundle bed), which can serve as a place to sleep or as a reading nook.

Livening Up the Living Spaces

If you’re having enough guests that someone has to sleep on the couch, do your best to make it as comfortable as possible. A pull-out couch that can be used as a bed is a great start, and you can add mattress toppers to give some extra cushioning. 

Provide bedsheets and a comfortable pillow, and get rid of any clutter to make your guest feel welcome. Try to organize your other living room furniture to be easily moved aside; if there are too many pieces in the space, try packing away a table in the attic for a few days.

If you love entertaining guests but aren’t sure if you have enough room to host them all overnight, take these thoughts into consideration. You might have more space than you think.