You’ll likely never get a school-aged kid to admit it, but most begin to tire of the long, lazy days of summer vacation after just a few weeks. If your kids have hit a mid-vacation slump, send them out of the house to discover all the fun things to do in your backyard. DIY jewelry made out of those hardy weeds that survive the summer heat tops the lists of classic, simple kids’ crafts.

flower crown made of yellow and white wildflowersDaisy Crowns

Link daisies and other wildflowers together to make a whimsical DIY flower crown.

hand holding a dandelion braceletDandelion Bracelets

Most backyards have a healthy crop of dandelions that can be turned into sunny yellow bracelets in a matter of minutes.

field of wildflowers at sunriseFlower Chains

Long-stemmed wildflowers or even sturdy blades of grass can be braided together to make necklaces of varying lengths.

closeup of single violet wildflowerFlower Rings

The stem of a petite blossom can be looped around a finger to create a variation on the classic diamond solitaire.

Summer crafts needn’t be costly or complicated. Oftentimes, the simplest activities are the ones that bring seemingly endless hours of enjoyment. As long as the sun is shining, an afternoon of imagination and free entertainment could be just outside your home’s back door.

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